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Help in a crisis

It's all about a better life for men

Healthier and happier men make for better brothers, colleagues, partners, fathers and sons.

That is why MensCraft works with men across Norfolk from a mix of backgrounds and ages.

Based in Norfolk, MensCraft has a vision to enable men and boys to feel good about themselves by improving their wellbeing. It supports both individual men through ‘activity, purpose and connection’ and organisations, services and businesses in their work with men.

Men are not typically seen as being at a disadvantage. Yet 76% of suicides are completed by men. 87% of rough sleepers are men. And isolation is often associated with old age but also a big issue for men from the age of 35. On average, men die seven years younger than women, are twice as likely to be referred to mental health services and typically do not access mainstream health, community information and advice services. At the same time, abuse and violence is ultimately a men’s issue. And one that needs addressing.

Tim Allard, Development Manager with MensCraft, said: “MensCraft’s distinct offer is its work with male psychology. Men tend to respond to life events and change (bereavement, separation, under-employment, retirement etc and / or histories of other traumatic events) by averting and avoiding / isolating / distancing, often combined with anxiety / insomnia and leading to depression or poor mental health, addictive behaviours (eg gambling, drugs), unhelpful habits and problematic behaviour and negative self-limiting beliefs."

MensCraft set up a Men’s Shed in the centre of Norwich and also provides the Pitt Stop drop-in on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. The Pitt Stop offers board games, quizzes, painting and several other positive activities and events. MensCraft has two staff supporting men at risk of suicide, a preventative Caring Dads programme for perpetrators of domestic abuse and supports a range of men’s groups.

Importantly, MensCraft is not exclusive. “Some of our most engaging activities have been on topics such as what it means for a single mother to raise a boy / young man. Our activities have been shaped with the input and data provided by a range of organisations, including local women’s organisations. And we actively encourage the engagement of women in supporting our activities,” said Tim.

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