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Help in a crisis
Inspiring recovery

Recovery College
The following poem was written by Mel White, a Recovery College student and service user, in 2015.

The Recovery College

A good place to start for knowledge. 

Depression, Bipolar, mental health and other disorders.

All aspects of recovery and wellness are taught in a timely order.

Class discussion, creative thinking, listening to one another-participating.

Seeing that there is still hope,

When given the right tools to cope.

Come along, stick it out

Don't be in any doubt.

There's even free coffee and tea,

You'll feel safe in our company!


Feedback from our Thinking About Risk workshop 30 January 2015
This workshop looks at the topic of risk and recovery, and explores both "harmful risk" and "positive risk". We had some insightful and inspiring conversations. Our students responded really well to thinking about how they might move beyond their particular "Comfort Zones" and toward their recovery: 

"It has opened my eyes to looking into different ways of managing myself and others around me…[and helped me] understand that risk can be good and bad."

"A lovely workshop that teaches a lot about risk."

"Taking a risk helps you move forward. I have learned that I made good progress when I moved out of my Comfort Zone!"

"Excellent course that has given me the confidence to do other courses."
What one thing would you most like to try out from the workshop?
Moving out of my Comfort Zone.
(From a person who has been using services for 20 years).


How to Tell Your Story course
The following poem was written by "AMA" who recently attended our How to Tell Your Story course. We hope it inspires you in your recovery journey.


 Soft fluffy clouds; crisp cotton sheets

Smiles and sunshine; hope; warmth and peace

Freedom from torment; grief; guilt and shame

Closing the door on the heart wrenching pain

Dancing on rainbows; flying on love

Basking in sunbeams from heaven above

Holding my darlings with an unburdened heart

Leaving the demons alone in the dark

Feeling the peace descend on my soul

Filling my heart with pleasures untold

Smiles and Laughter, one day to another

Acceptance of me, woman and mother

A world once shrouded by ominous skies

 pregnant with songbirds and wondrous surprise

chocolate and candy, vanilla ice-cream

leaving the nightmare, living the dream

pride in myself, no fear of the past

ghosts laid to rest, down to the last

 heaps of crisp leaves on an autumnal day

flowers and clover, bales of fresh hay

meandering streams touched with gold from the sun

days filled with mischief and innocent fun

sleep that is restful and healing and pure

dreams to be shared and not feared as before

thoughts that are weightless and easy and free

this is the shape of my recovery!