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Eddie Cross

Eddie Cross, People Participation Lead, East Suffolk

Eddie developed strong relationships while working as a Carers Lead and aims to build on that to ensure the voices of service users and carers remain at the heart of the Trust.

Eddie has been working for the Trust for 25 years and took up his new role in June 2019. His experience has included working in the community, on the wards and with the Wellbeing service before he took on the Carers Lead role.

“Having been a Carers Lead, I’ve already got a feel of how the role will work. I’ve developed a lot of good links and strong relationships over the past three years and plan to continue building on them so that we can all work better together.”

He said it was important to involve patients, carers and staff in every aspect of the services to improve people’s outcomes. “Often the small things make a big difference, such as taking the time to listen. It doesn’t cost us anything but validates someone’s experience,” he said.

He is also keen to look at how the Trust supports staff who are carers or who have mental health issues. “We need to make sure our workplaces are accommodating so that people feel they are in a safe environment and can share any issues they are facing without being concerned about what may happen as a result.”

The PPLs are responsible for ensuring service users and carers are involved in all aspects of that work, while also using their experiences and insights to improve care. “I think the role has real potential to make a big difference,” added Eddie.

Eddie’s first project was to work with service users, carers and staff to look at how the discharge process could be improved. 

He said: “I feel it is important to celebrate improvements which are already being made and contributing to a working together culture.”