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Help in a crisis
Case Study - Gabriel Abotsie
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​Voicing his support for Movember is Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust's new Men's Wellbeing Nursing Lead, Gabriel Abotsie.

Gabriel wants to promote a better understanding of issues facing men in Norfolk and Waveney and to encourage them to seek support and treatment.

He hopes that reaching boys and men at an early stage will also help reduce suicide rates among a group which statistics show is more likely to consider taking their own lives.

Gabriel said: "We know from the evidence available that there are differences in the way men and women deal with mental health issues, and that women are more likely to seek treatment.

"One of the areas we need to address is the stigma of cultural expectations and how it can impact on the ability of men to seek help.

"Right from the development of a child, expectations of boys is different. How many times do we hear people being told to 'man up'?

"We need to see a cultural change, and we need to change the way in which we provide services."

According to the Movember Foundation, across the world, a man dies as a result of suicide every minute of every day and three out of four suicides are men.

One of the aims of the Movember campaign is to help men and boys take action to be mentally well, and make sure they are supported by their friends, family and community during their most difficult times.

As part of his new role, Gabriel will be establishing links with GP surgeries and offering training sessions on male mental health issues.

"We know that men are more likely to go to GPs with a physical health issues such as headaches, back pain, neck pain, a racing heart, tightening of the chest etc which may be symptoms of some mental health conditions - so we hope the work we do could enable GPs to be better able to recognise early signs of mental health issues and allow for early intervention.

"If we are able to increase access of men to mental health care and then fully engage them and maintain their engagement throughout their therapy, they can gain so much from it."

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