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Help in a crisis
Carers assessments

‚ÄčWaveney Adult Community Mental Health Team            

All carers, caring for adults 18+ where the cared for person is under Waveney Secondary Care Mental Health Services are routinely offered timely carers assessments.

What can you expect from your Carers Assessment?

  • Carers assessments are completed by taking a person-centred approach. They take account of the carer's individual circumstances and support needs

  • All carers are offered a face-to-face meeting at a time and place most suited to individual need. If the carer wishes, the assessment can be completed over the telephone

  • The carer's assessment helps to identify the impact of the carer's roles in areas such as Work/ Money/Housing/ Relationships/Hobbies/ Time/ Your Health and Wellbeing and to identify when carers need more help and support.  

  • The carer has the opportunity to discuss their caring role in a confidential setting

  • The carer will be offered appropriate and pertinent information about local services and resources available to carers across Waveney

  • Carers will be assisted in the development of a support plan to address their identified needs and future wishes where this is considered necessary and with the carer's agreement

  • Carers will be offered the opportunity to attend identified Recovery College courses, which can support them in their caring role.

  • Carers are provided with information about The Care Act and what this means for a carer caring for people with mental ill health in Waveney.

  • Carers are signposted to a variety of support services working across Waveney which can provide both individual and group support for carers.

At the assessment, we will ask you for your NHS number. If possible, please have this ready on the day. If you do not know your NHS number, you can get this information by contacting your GP surgery.