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Help in a crisis

I will be available to volunteer for only a few months. Can I still apply?
We ask that each person is available to volunteer for at least nine months after applying. We cannot accept applications from people available for shorter periods of time.

I am registered blind / deaf / wheelchair user etc. Do you have any volunteer opportunities available for me?
People with disabilities are welcome to apply for volunteer roles. Reasonable adjustments will be made wherever possible.

I am currently being treated by NSFT as a patient. Are they are any opportunities for me to work as a volunteer?
Anyone currently receiving community / outpatient care from NSFT is welcome to apply for volunteer roles in other services. We would want to ensure and be confident that the volunteer role will not negatively affect the volunteer's wellbeing or treatment before proceeding with the application.

I have a criminal record. Can I still volunteer?
Although a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check is compulsory for all volunteers, having a criminal record is not an automatic barrier to volunteering. All applications are considered on an individual basis, in an honest, clear and confidential manner.​

Are opportunities available for volunteers all over Norfolk and Suffolk?
We have volunteers in many parts of our Trust, including with teams and groups in the community.  

Are there opportunities to work as a volunteer outside normal office hours, such as evenings and at weekends?
The Trust provides services outside standard working hours, so there may be limited opportunities to volunteer outside Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm.

Do volunteers have to work a minimum amount of time, eg one morning a month, or can they volunteer as and when they want?
The majority of volunteer roles require a regular commitment, usually 2-4 hours once a week but it can be more, depending on the role.

What sort of induction does the Trust give its volunteers?
The induction is an introduction to the Trust so you can better understand the organisation. It includes an overview of policies such as safeguarding and confidentiality, as well as topics specific to volunteering, including how to claim for expenses. The induction is usually delivered in groups but it can be given on a one-to-one basis if there are no sessions scheduled near to where you live in the near future. It can take place at times which are convenient for our volunteers and will usually be held in a Trust building in your local area. The induction takes four hours and you will be reimbursed travel costs.

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