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Help in a crisis
About the PPLs

People Participation Leads (PPLs) are part of new Care Groups set up to improve communication between the Trust and service users, carers and their families.

Each Care Group includes a service director, a clinical director, a lead nurse and a PPL. PPLs have vast experience in working within the mental health service plus lived experience.

The new post is innovative, focusing on the need to bring strong leadership around the participation of people who use Trust services and carers through new insights and perspectives.

The PPLs are working within the Care Groups to let service users know what's going on in their area, keep them informed of changes and help improve their chances of success in their recovery journey.

Within that role, they are making sure that the voice of the service user and carer is central to how services are planned and delivered. This includes managing projects which encourage people to get involved in the future of the Trust's work.

Marie Gabriel, Chair of the Trust, said: "The aim is to develop a culture that enables and expects active participation and which values a diversity of experience so that people with lived experience are equally part of every team and each key decision, moving the Trust forward from asking questions about how people have experienced care to a systematic approach that ensures their meaningful participation in ensuring continuous service improvement and individual recovery. 

"This includes supporting staff understanding of the what and how of our new expectations around participation. Critically, it also includes ensuring that people with lived experience are able to hold the Trust to account for its approach to and delivery of co-production."

Read the PPL Strategy on a Page here and add your own comments.