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Lithium and clozapine monitoring service

Lithium monitoring service - System TDM

SystemTDM is a fully secure web based service, owned and operated by the NHS, which maintains a register of people taking lithium across Norfolk and Suffolk. This was set up in 2003 in response to national concerns regarding the difficulty in coordinating the regular blood monitoring needed for people taking lithium. For more information please visit our website:

Clozapine monitoring service

Clozapine is an "antipsychotic" or "neuroleptic" drug, used to treat the symptoms of schizophrenia in people who have not done well on at least two other similar drugs, where they have not responded or have had bad side effects.

Clozapine blood monitoring

Neutropenia or agranulocytosis is a severe, potentially fatal adverse reaction which may occur with clozapine therapy. The product licence requires a patient to have a full blood screen test prior to commencing clozapine therapy and regular monitoring at various stages throughout the therapy.

Point of care clozapine testing

We have blood analyser machines that staff use to test a patient's blood on site. The results are automatically transmitted to the drug monitoring service and give us a valid blood result to dispense medication against. This service enables you to have a blood test and collect your medication at the same time.

Referrals to the clozapine service

You can get a referral to the clinic by completing the referral form and forwarding this to the clinic's staff, along with a copy of the current risk assessment.

Clinics run at:

Opening days:

Contact number:

Kingfisher House, Hellesdon

Monday and Tuesday

01603 421555

Kingfisher House, Hellesdon


01603 421555

Chatterton House,
King's Lynn


01553 609933


Monday and Tuesday

01473  891710