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Help in a crisis
Message to our service users and carers

To all our service users, carers and families

It's a difficult time for most of us. Coronavirus (also called COVID-19) means we are changing the way we work, socialise, travel, access healthcare, exercise, shop and live. We know that people may feel anxious about the virus and their own, or loved ones’, access to mental health care, and we want to offer you some reassurances.

At Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust we are working as part of the national response to manage the spread and impact of the virus. So we are working with the most up-to-date information. We are working our hardest to provide mental health care to those who need it throughout this difficult time.

To balance the safety of our service users, staff, and the general public we'll be making a few changes. Most importantly we'll be reducing the amount of close contact between people like face-to-face meetings and home visits for a while.

Services will be running differently but we are here for you and we will be contacting you to agree the best way to stay in touch. 

If you are concerned about your own or a loved one's mental health, please continue to contact your care team within NSFT for support.

Together we'll manage our way through supporting each other in a compassionate and kind way.

We'll be updating our website every Wednesday at midday with new information, resources and material. We're also active on social media (#NSFTjoinin), where we'll share ways to support your wellbeing and ask you to share the things that are helping you get through.

We hope you'll join us.