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Luke Woodley

Luke Woodley


Luke Woodley is a British army veteran who has pieced his life back together after developing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and is now working with the mental health professionals to reach others with the same condition.

A former Coldstream Guard, Luke developed PTSD after serving under the UN in Bosnia in 1993. His PTSD developed further after leaving the forces.

He suffered panic attacks, sleeplessness, anger problems, heavy alcohol use, hypervigilance and flashbacks. His marriage broke down while the smell of diesel, crowded public places and the sound of fireworks would all trigger episodes.

After years of trying different types of support, he felt he only began to make sustained progress when he met Dr Roger Kingerlee, a clinical psychologist with Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (NSFT) in 2005.

Dr Kingerlee encouraged Luke to try cognitive behavoural therapy (CBT) and to start exploring ways of confronting or dealing with triggers.

The two now work together with John King, NSFT Mindfulness Trainer and Practitioner on the Veterans Stabilisation Programme, which aims to help servicemen and women and their families adjust to civilian life.

Luke is also the founder of The Walnut Tree Project, a community interest company which offers veterans a non-medical 'front door' through which to access the help they need to deal with their mental health and linked social issues.