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Help in a crisis
Help in a crisis

FirstResponse is a 24/7 helpline offering immediate advice, support and signposting for people with mental health difficulties.

If you are experiencing something that makes you feel unsafe, distressed or worried about your mental health you can now call the helpline on 0808 196 3494.

Are you an NSFT service user in crisis?

Call the contact number you were given for when you are in crisis. 

If you cannot find this number, contact the team you are seeing by calling them direct, or via your local Access and Assessment team:

  • Suffolk (except Great Yarmouth and Waveney) - call 0300 123 1334

  • Norfolk (except Great Yarmouth and Waveney) - call 0300 790 0371

  • Great Yarmouth and Waveney - call 01493 337958

Other organisations which offer help in a crisis

Samaritans offer confidential and non-judgmental emotional support whenever you need someone to talk to. They're available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Call 116 123

ChildLine offers a counselling service for children and young people. You can also call the helpline if you are an adult worried about a child. Call 0800 1111

Mental Health Telephone Support Line provides a listening ear, emotional support, coping strategies, signposting and practical advice. This includes help with developing plans to tackle and limit crisis situations. They work with and complement the Crisis Resolution Home Team (CRHT), Community Mental Health Teams (CMHT), Emergency Services and others to help keep people safe.

Opening times: weekdays 4pm - midnight, weekends 10am – midnight.

Telephone number: 08088 02 02 88