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​The events will take place online, using Microsoft Teams.

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Governors need your feedback - Suffolk focus
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From: 16:00
To: 18:00

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Governors will be holding six online events to listen to Trust members' views on how NSFT can continue to improve its services to support people to live their hopes, dreams and aspirations.

These events help us focus on what's important to the communities we serve.

The feedback received last year helped shape the Trust's plans and the Governor priorities for holding the Non-Executives to account for the performance of the Board which are:

  • Quality Improvement: improving access to our services
  • Staff: Recruitment, retention, wellbeing and support
  • Wider engagement: with members, partners and other stakeholders
  • Working positively: with people who use our services and their carers
  • Improving our culture: through positive engagement, improved communication, and tackling inequalities
  • Addressing needs: of the most vulnerable in our communities and health inequalities
  • Improving access: to Children, Families and Young People's (CFYP) services
  • Learning from COVID-19: evaluating changes and ensuring good practice continues


Each event will update members on what changes we have put in place and then it is over to you to share your thoughts on what our next steps should be over 2021/22.

The events will take place online, using Microsoft Teams.


  • Norfolk focus: February 17, 12 – 2pm 
  • Norfolk focus: February 23, 5 – 7pm
  • Suffolk focus: March 1, 4 – 6pm
  • Both counties: March 3, 3-5pm
  • Suffolk focus: March 5, 11-1pm
  • Both counties: March 5, 2.30 – 4.30pm


If you cannot attend an event, we still want to hear from you, so send your thoughts on how you think we can improve further and/or your questions by email to:

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Please register your interest in taking part, along with other Trust members, by stating which event(s) you would like to attend: