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Crazywise - Mending the Gap in Psychiatry: Bridging Traditional Wisdom and Mental Health
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From: 13:30
To: 17:15
Puppet Theatre, Norwich, NR3 1TN

How to get there:

For more information contact:
Email or call 07866 207071.

​'Minding the Gap in Psychiatry: Bridging Traditional Wisdom and Mental Health' is a film screening and discussion event at the Puppet Theatre in Norwich on Saturday, 17 March, 1.30pm to 5.15pm.

'Crazywise' explores the question: is there an alternative way of making sense of mental illness that is potentially more empowering and helpful for people experiencing psychological distress?

This film screening and discussion event, supported by our Trust, the Recovery College, Mind and Emerging Proud, aims to open up conversations that will continue over the coming year, with a particular focus on bridging relationships between clinicians and peers.

Special guest is film producer Phil Borges and there will be a performance from the Norwich Rock Choir.

To book, click here, email or call 07866 207071.