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Gender, Sex and Mental Health - Norwich
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From: 18:30
To: 21:00
Curve Auditorium
The Forum
Millennium Plain

How to get there:

For more information contact:
or ring Peter Haylett on 01603 421468.

​​Presented by Katy Jon Went, a transgender woman, and Dr Hadrian Ball, the Trust's former medical director​. There will be plenty of opportunity for audience discussion​.​

They will d​escribe biological sex determination, sexual development, gender identity, gender incongruence or dysphoria, hormonal-surgical transition, legal recognition and the effects​ on mental wellbeing. How can psychiatry help and not hinder. How can society be more understanding and aware? Katy will include additional content around mental health – for example on suicide risk, reason and contagion, neuroscience, intersex, non-binary and gender identity clinics – to that in the afternoon talk given in Norwich last December.

P​​lease book via this link.​

The lectures are free and open to all. However, they are aimed at Trust members and, although joining is optional, we would appreciate non-members joining. 

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