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Social media

Social media are playing an increasing role in our lives and, for the vast majority of people on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, the experience is positive.

The online interactions provide opportunities to connect with other people through, for example, shared interests and experiences, and serve as a window on the world for people who, perhaps because of mental or physical ill health, struggle to get out to socialise.

Unfortunately, there are some who fail to communicate respectfully or behave responsibly, using the platfroms to bully, abuse and harrass other users, causing significant mental and emotional distress, sometimes with fatal consequences.

NSFT supports kind and respectful communication at all times, including through social media, and the Trust's staff have strict guidelines of professionalism which they must follow.

Kind and respectful communication is not just important to NSFT staff, but also the wider communities in which we serve.

So, NSFT was delighted to support a service user and volunteer who turned her own experience of being trolled to come up with a simple answer - an image saying: 

Stop... Be kind and respectful

She worked with the Trust’s graphic designers to create a GIF that she and others can use to respond to online bullying and offensive comments.

We are keen to see the logo used more widely, so you are invited to download the GIF (above) and use it on your own social media posts whenever you encounter online abuse.

We hope this will contribute to kinder and more respectful communication online.

Read the full story here.

How to download the GIF

Right-click on the image above and either 'copy' and paste it into the comment/reply section of your social media platform, or 'save as' to save it to your computer. Or, on your phone, hold your finger on the image and, in the drop-down menu, tap 'download'.