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Help in a crisis
We’re Smokefree

The Department of Health stated in 2017 that there was a requirement to make all mental health inpatient services a​​​nd sites Smokefree in 2018. 


To support this, a Smokefree initiative was introduced across the Trust, to protect everyone from the harmful effects of tobacco and second-hand smoke. 


Being Smokefree will ensure that staff and service users have the support they need to lead healthy lives.

How we can support service users to quit smoking

Smoking tobacco products on any Trust premises, including hospital buildings, grounds and car parks is not permitted.


Giving up smoking is a personal choice, but it is the most important thing service users can do for their health and those around them. We will respect their decision and support them to give up if you choose to. 


People who have a planned admission to one of our wards, can contact their local stop smoking service (see below) or their GP and ask for Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) to take into hospital with them. 


They can also ask to see an NSFT Smoking Cessation Practitioner who can help to either manage without nicotine during the hospital stay or provide support to give up for good. 


If they want to stop smoking for good, they may be offered a prescribed medicine called Varenicline (Champix®). This works by reducing your craving for a cigarette.

Local stop smoking services

Stop smoking services are completely free and provide advice, support and plenty of encouragement to help you stop smoking for good:

OneLi​fe Suffolk: 01473 718193

SmokeFree Norfolk: 0800 0854113

Products available to support service users

• Nicotine Replacement Therapy is available to help people stop smoking while in hospital (total or temporary abstinence)

• Service users who don’t wish to access smoking cessation support services may consider using an Electronic Cigarette (E-cigarette / vaping device)

Please note: Cigarettes, tobacco, tobacco-related products, lighters and matches are not allowed on Trust premises; however, you may use electronic cigarettes / vaping devices on Trust grounds.

Community visits

If service users are visited by a member of staff at home, they can help keep our staff Smokefree by:

• Making a room available that is Smokefree or ventilating the room for at least one​ hour before the visit (for example, by opening the window or door)

• Not smoking during the visit

• Asking other people in the house not to smoke during the visit

• If you unable to do any of the above, please discuss with a member of staff, as we may be able to make alternative arrangements