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Rainbow badges initiative

We are proud to wear the Rainbow Badge!​

If you have seen our staff wearing NHS rainbow badges, you'll know we are an LGBT+ inclusive organisation. We will always aim to be open and non-judgmental in all of the care we provide.

What does LGBT+ mean?

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT).  The + stands for all of the other identities because we want people to know we will respect and value them, however they define themselves. 

If you see a staff member wearing a badge, you're welcome to ask them more about it.  The badge is to let you know you can share your identity with us. It also means that this member of staff has made an extra commitment to listen, understand and to know how to get you the best support available if you need it.

About the Rainbow Badges initiative

Evelina London Children's Hospital launched the Rainbow Badge Scheme with the aim of making a real difference for the young people they care for. 

But the rainbow badge isn't just there to help young people; Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust is proud to support the scheme and staff throughout all of our services are proud to make the pledge and wear the badge.

An estimated one in five LGBT+ people is not out to any healthcare professional about their sexual orientation when seeking care, and one in seven LGBT+ people has avoided treatment for fear of discrimination.

To improve the experience of healthcare for LBGT+ service users, we are proud to wear rainbow badges.

Read our press release about the day we launched the badge at NSFT here.​

You can find out more about the badges by contacting:

Pictured: NSFT directors and other senior staff show their support for the Rainbow Badges initiative.