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Our values


Ever since our Trust (NSFT) launched its values and behaviours framework, it has been a set of guiding principles we endeavour to live up to every day. It was designed to ensure that service users and carers have the best possible experience when accessing mental health care. More than 1,300 of our service users, carers and staff worked together to create values which set out our Trust's ambition to always be 'Working together for better mental health'

The values include pledges to involve people and share information and knowledge, be professional and effective and be proactive by looking for solutions when faced with problems. They also outline the importance of open, two-way communication and valuing everyone's unique experience, skills and contributions.

The values were developed following a series of listening sessions, which gave staff the chance to talk openly about their working lives, including the aspects they enjoy and areas which could be improved.

Six separate events were held across Norfolk, Suffolk and Waveney to give service users and carers the opportunity to share their experiences of receiving care. People were also given the opportunity to feedback their views via an online survey before the values were refined in working groups of staff, services users and carers, to make them simple, clear and achievable.

They are now used as a standard of everyday business within our Trust, to relate to everything from how we recruit, how we appraise our staff and help them to develop, how we measure the quality of our services and design and develop new ones, and even how we create organisational strategies.            

The values were launched at our annual general meeting on 8 October, 2015.