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Norfolk & Waveney STP

Have your say over the future of health and care in Norfolk and Waveney

A sustainability and transformation plan (STP) is being developed for Norfolk and Waveney. STPs are being discussed nationally by NHS organisations, councils and other partners to improve the way health and social care is designed and delivered for the public.

Norfolk and Waveney's latest submission, made to NHS England in October, has now been published, together with a summary document called 'In Good Health - Our proposals for changing health and social care in Norfolk and Waveney'. Both of these documents can be read at

The STP is a developing plan. It needs insights from people of Norfolk and Waveney to continue to develop. So today there is a renewed call for everyone to have their say.

As plans develop, if there are going to be significant changes to any individual services, formal public consultations will take place. There are no such plans in place currently.

Dr Wendy Thomson, Chair of the Norfolk and Waveney STP said: "Our population is growing, people are generally living longer and the type of care that people need is changing. We know that there are ways we can improve how we care for people, and that our current services are not sustainable if they continue as they are now."

The gap between the money available and the cost of providing NHS and social care in Norfolk and Waveney will be just over £415m in five years' time unless something is done now to balance the 'system'. (This figure has been revised down from the June submission, following further modelling). Approximately £316m relates to health and £99m relates to social care / non-NHS.

At the heart of the emerging STP is empowering people to take increasing responsibility for their health and care, and providing more care in communities. If this can be achieved, it is estimated that one in five people, who would otherwise have needed to be in a hospital bed, could be helped at home.

The call is now for local people, and organisations to share their experience and views to help shape how we can create sustainable health and social care services.