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Information for suppliers

We value our suppliers and want to build strategic, long-term relationships with them. This includes ensuring prompt payment for goods and services

Our finance back office services are provided by NHS Shared Business Services (SBS). Therefore, to ensure successful working relationships with us, please ensure that you comply with the SBS Oracle finance system requirements


What you need to do

  1. Register. Ensure that your company has been set up on Oracle before providing any goods and services to NSFT. You will receive a Vendor Supplier Reference (VSR) number that must be quoted on your invoices to ensure swift matching and payment.

  2. What’s your PO Number? If you are providing goods or services for a fixed price/quantity, then you must quote a valid NSFT PO number on your invoice. Our POs start with “336XXXXX”

  3. Ensure that your invoices comply with the Good Invoicing Guidelines.

  4. Send your invoices to SBS and not to NSFT
    The correct address is:
    Norfolk & Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust,
    RMY Payables F785,
    Phoenix House,
    Topcliffe Lane,
    West Yorkshire,
    WF3 1WE

Alternatively, email your invoice to

Finally – the fastest way to secure payment of your invoice, is to submit your invoice via Tradeshift, quoting a valid PO number.  Click here for the Tradeshift Suppliers User Guide.