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Green Light Toolkit


The Green Light Toolkit is from the National Development Team for Inclusion.

It is an audit (a way of checking) how well mental health services meet the needs of people with learning disability and / or autism. It then informs the development of plans to improve mental health services for people with learning disability and / or autism.

People with learning disabilities and people with autism are more likely to have mental health needs than the wider population. They have the right to access the same mental health services as everyone else, and NHS trusts have a legal duty to put reasonable adjustments in place to ensure their needs are met.

NSFT have committed to making these reasonable adjustments in all mental health services across the organisation by the implementation of the Green Light Toolkit.

​The toolkit has 27 standards to make sure that reasonable adjustments are in place, to provide fair and equitable services that meet people's needs. These include assessments, accessible information, personal care, physical health and equalities.

​The Green Light standards form the basis of the NSFT learning disability and / or autism strategy which is called Green Light for Mental Health​ Services 2017-2021, which was launched in December 2017.

It sets out NSFT's intentions to improve access and equality for people with learning disability and / or autism over the next five years. 

This plan was written in partnership with Green Light Champions, service users, parents / carers and partner organisations.


Green Light Champions

The Champions promote best practice around the care and treatment of people with learning disability and / or autism while they are being treated within generic mental health services.

Each team within the Trust will have a member of staff identified as a Green Light Champion, someone who has a special interest in meeting the needs of people with a learning disability and / or autism. Green Light Champions are also recruited within our partner organisations. We also have service user Champions who are experts by experience and parents / carers who support the work of the Green Light Toolkit, and are included in all aspects of development.

All Green Light Champions are offered training in learning disability and autism and are aware of how to make reasonable adjustments to ensure that people with learning disability and / or autism have fair access to services.

The Champions attend a bi-monthly Green Light Champion Network to share ideas and good practice as well as receiving updates and training from the Green Light Team.

We also have Green Light Volunteers who work with the team on a range of projects such as the Easy Read group - developing accessible information, co-producing and co-delivering training and advising on future developments.

If you would like to be involved, please contact a member of the Green Light Team, details below.

Referral to our services can be made through your GP. If you need help in an emergency, please visit the Help in a crisis​ page. ​​​


Green Light Team

The Green Light Team are employed to ensure that the learning disability and / or autism strategy Green Light for Mental Health Services is implemented within NSFT. They support the Green Light Champions and liaise with partner organisations. 

The team are:​

Sue Bridges 
Nurse Consultant (Learning Disabilities /Autism)
: 01473 266295 
Mobile: 07774 016031



Sue Medley
LD Specialist Nurse 
Tel: 01502 535032
Mobile: 07979 770553




Lesley Knights
Green Light Administrator
Tel: 01473 266296
Lesley works Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.