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Help in a crisis

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Reference​Request Date​Description
01 2015.pdf​5th January 2015​Lease cars
02 2015.pdf​5th January 2015​Out of area deaths
03 2015.pdf​6th January 2015​Organisation charts
04 2015.pdf​8th January 2015​Service user age/length of staff and employee numbers
05 2015.pdf​7th January 2015​Mental health service budgets
06 2015.pdf​7th January 2015​ICT services
07 2015.pdf​8th January 2015​Care Quality Commission Action Plan & Report
08 2015.pdf​8th January 2015​Clinical Commissioning Groups
09 2015.pdf​8th January 2015​Service strategy and external contractor costs
10 2015.pdf​11th January 2015​Inpatient Beds
​11 2015 - Vexatious Request​7th January 2015​Unacceptable behaviour and unreasonably persistent users policy
​12 2015- Vexatious Request​7th January 2015​Complaints policy and process
​13 2015 - Vexatious Request​7th January 2015​Complaints process and referral support
​14 2015 - Vexatious Request​7th January 2015​Number of operations managers
​15 2015 - Vexatious Request​7th January 2015​Resolution meetings
​16 2015 - Vexatious Request​7th January 2015​Resolution meetings held and struck off
​17 2015 - Vexatious Request​7th January 2015​Confidential information
​18 2015 - Vexatious Request​7th January 2015​Whistleblowing
​19 2015 - Vexatious Request​7th January 2015​Recording information about a service user
20 2015.pdf​12th January 2015​Sectioned service users and accommodation
21 2015.pdf​13th January 2015​Organisation charts
 22 2015.pdf​13th January 2015​Pressure ulcers
23 2015.pdf​13th January 2015​Viability nurses
24 2015.pdf​15th January 2015​Out of area beds and personal injury claims
25 2015.pdf​16th January 2015​Deaths 2010 - 2014
26 2015.pdf​16th January 2015​Mutualisation Pathfinder application
27 2015.pdf​15th January 2015​Lease cars
28 2015.pdf​21st January 2015​Chief Executive remuneration
29 2015.pdf​21st January 2015​CAMHS tier 3 services
30 2015.pdf​22nd January 2015​Staff severance pay 2014/15
​31 - Exempt S40 ​25th January 2015​Personal Data
32 2015.pdf​26th January 2015​ICT services
33 2015.pdf​26th January 2015​Mobile phone contracts
34 2015.pdf​26th January 2015​Mutualisation Pathfinder application
35 2015.pdf​29th January 2015​Non-medical RC pilot
36 2015.pdf​30th January 2015​Agency costs
37 2015.pdf​30th January 2015​Crisis resolution home treatment team
​38 - Vexatious Request​13th January 2015​Legal staff
​39 - Vexatious Request​13th January 2015​Ignoring service users/mal-administration
​40 - Vexatious Request​15th January 2015​Police representation on NSFT Board
​41 - Vexatious Request​15th January 2015​Withholding information from a service user
​42 - Vexatious Request​15th January 2015​Staff investigation and suspension
43 2015.pdf​2nd February 2015​Mutualisation Pathfinder application costs
​44 - No clarification received​3rd February 2015​Discharge numbers
45 2015.pdf​5th February 2015​Staffing and doctor responsibilities
46 2015.pdf​5th February 2015​Use of restraint
47 2015.pdf​6th February 2015​ICT services
48 2015.pdf​9th February 2015​Lead governor contact with Monitor and Care Quality Commission
49 2015.pdf​9th February 2015​Payroll
50 2015.pdf​9th February 2015​Hearing Aids
51 2015.pdf​9th February 2015​ICT services
52 2015.pdf​10th February 2015​Drugs and alcohol services
53 2015.pdf​12th February 2015​CAMHS services
54 2015.pdf​12th February 2015​Number of critical care beds
55 2015.pdf​13th February 2015​CAMHS Service
56 2015.pdf​13th February 2015​NHS Bank Staff
57 2015.pdf​13th February 2015​IAPT Services
58 2015.pdf​14th February 2015​NHS Provider Licence
59 2015.pdf​16th February 2015​Agency Staff
60 2015.pdf​16th February 2015​CAMHS Services
61 2015.pdf​17th February 2015​Staff numbers and bandings
62 2015.pdf​17th February 2015​Staff levels and clinical decisions
63 2015.pdf​18th February 2015​Finance and Procurement contacts
64 2015.pdf​19th February 2015​Organisation Charts
65 2015.pdf​20th February 2015​VAT saving solutions
66 2015.pdf​20th February 2015​Contract information - healthcare and pathology
67 2015.pdf​20th February 2015​Interpreting and translation
68 2015.pdf​24th February 2015​Nurse retirement information
​69 - Contact FOI for details​25th February 2015​Trust Service Strategy
70 2015.pdf​25th February 2015​ICT Services
71 2015.pdf​25th February 2015​Nursing numbers and bands
72 2015.pdf​26th February 2015​CAMHS Services
73 2015.pdf​27th February 2015​Complex post traumatic stress disorder
74 2015.pdf​27th February 2015​Neurological conditions and staffing
75 2015.pdf​3rd March 2015​Staff numbers and vacancies
76 2015.pdf​3rd March 2015​Clinical Commissioning Groups
77 2015.pdf​4th March 2015​Liver disease
78 2015.pdf​5th March 2015​Recruitment information
79 2015.pdf​6th March 2015​Domestic violence
80 2015.pdf​6th March 2015​Information governance breaches
81 2015.pdf​10th March 2015​Organisation charts
82 2015.pdf​16th March 2015​Section 117
83 2015.pdf​16th March 2015​Ethnicity data
84 2015.pdf​16th March 2015​General information
85 2015.pdf​17th March 2015​Disciplinary hearings and training
86 2015.pdf​24th March 2015​Card shops
87 2015.pdf​23rd March 2015​Agency staff
88 2015.pdf​23rd March 2015​Commissioner fines
89 2015.pdf​23rd March 2015​Anaesthesia
90 2015.pdf​24th March 2015​Digital dictation
91 2015.pdf​30th March 2015​Nurse staffing and capabilities
92 2015.pdf​30th March 2015​Physical assaults and sexual aggression
93 2015.pdf​27th March 2015​Income services
94 2015.pdf​27th March 2015​Infection control
95 2015.pdf​30th March 2015​Staff sickness
96 2015.pdf​1st April 2015​Agency staff
97 2015.pdf​2nd April 2015​Staff sickness
98 2015.pdf​5th April 2015​Agenda 4 Change
99 2015.pdf​7th April 2015​Liver disease
100 2015.pdf​8th April 2015​Non-ward services
101 2015.pdf​9th April 2015​Over 25K spending
102 2015.pdf​9th April 2015​McKinsey Hospital Institute
103 2015.pdf​13th April 2015​ICT services
104 2015.pdf​10th April 2015​Out of ward healthcare
105 2015.pdf​8th April 2015​Inpatient units
106 2015.pdf​13th April 2015​PHD students
107 2015.pdf​14th April 2015​Agency staff and numbers
108 2015.pdf​15th April 2015​Ophthalmology services
109 2015.pdf​15th April 2015​Staff overpayments
110 2015.pdf​17th April 2015​Pharmacy tender
111 2015.pdf​19th April 2015​Annual report and accounts
112 2015.pdf​19th April 2015​Forensic services - smoking
113 2015.pdf​20th April 2015​Organisation charts
114 2015.pdf​21st April 2015​Apprenticeships
115 2015.pdf​22nd April 2015​IT Director and electronic health records
116 2015.pdf​23rd April 2015​CAMHS
117 2015.pdf​23rd April 2015​ICT services
118 2015.pdf​27th April 2015​Off-payroll

119 2015.pdf 

​28th April 2015​Organisation charts
120 2015.pdf​28th April 2015​Patient services
121 2015.pdf​28th April 2015​Under 18 admissions to adult wards
122 2015.pdf​28th April 2015​Lost drugs
123 2015.pdf​29th April 2015​Communications
124 2015.pdf​29th April 2015​ICT services
125 2015.pdf​29th April 2015​Under 18 admissions and out of area
126 2015.pdf​29th April 2015​Homeopathy
127 2015.pdf​30th April 2015​Agency staff
128 2015.pdf​30th April 2015​Utilities
129 2015.pdf​30th April 2015​Wet age related macular degeneration
130 2015.pdf​1st May 2015​Under 18 admissions
131 2015.pdf​1st May 2015​Patient food

​132 - See FOI Request 120

​2nd May 2015​Patient services
133 2015.pdf​2nd May 2015​Readmission to inpatient wards
134 2015.pdf​4th May 2015​ICT services
135 2015.pdf​5th May 2015​Suicide
136 2015.pdf​6th May 2015​Drug an alcohol services in NR
137 2015.pdf​11th May 2015​Agency staff - locums
138 2015.pdf​13th May 2015​Organisation charts
139 2015.pdf​14th May 2015​Annual report and accounts
140 2015.pdf​15th May 2015​Out of area, inpatient beds linked to serious incidents
141 2015.pdf​18th May 2015​Section 35 and 36 MHA assessments
142 2015.pdf​18th May 2015​Staff stress and complaint levels
143 2015.pdf​20th May 2015​Living wage
144 2015.pdf​22nd May 2015​Trust service strategy
145 2015.pdf​25th May 2015​ICT services
146 2015.pdf​18th May 2015​Trust service strategy (FOI request 69)
147 2015.pdf​19th May 2015​Cost of healthcare
148 2015.pdf​26th May 2015​Allied healthcare
149 2015.pdf​26th May 2015​Patient care
150 2015.pdf​27th May 2015​ICT services
151 2015.pdf​29th May 2015​Patient care
152 2015.pdf​1st June 2015​Patient care
153 2015.pdf​1st June 2015​Fines and targets
154 2015.pdf​2nd June 2015​ICT services
155 2015.pdf​2nd June 2015​GP referrals and discrimination
156 2015.pdf​5th June 2015​Agency staff
157 2015.pdf​4th June 2015​Organisation charts
158 2015.pdf​3rd June 2015​Business information and information governance
159 2015.pdf​5th June 2015​Lorenzo
160 2015.pdf​8th June 2015​ICT services
161 2015.pdf​8th June 2015​Asclepius managed services
162 2015.pdf​9th June 2015​Organisation charts
163 2015.pdf​11th June 2015​Agency staff
164 2015.pdf​11th June 2015​Anaesthesia
165 2015.pdf​11th June 2015​Agency staff
166 2015.pdf​11th June 2015​Staff spend and vacancies
167 2015.pdf​11th June 2015​Organisation charts
168 2015.pdf​13th June 2015​Staff numbers
169 2015.pdf​16th June 2015​Theatre staff
170 2015.pdf​23rd June 2015​Agency staff
171 2015.pdf​25th June 2015​Commissioning services
172 2015.pdf​26th June 2015​Databases
173 2015.pdf​16th June 2015​CAMHS services
174 2015.pdf​3rd July 2015​Agency staff
175 2015.pdf​21st July 2015​Recruitment
176 2015.pdf​3rd July 2015​Utilities
177 2015.pdf​6th July 2015​ICT services
178 2015.pdf​7th July 2015​Recruitment agencies
179 2015.pdf​7th July 2015​Deaths and suicides in learning disability services
180 2015.pdf​6th July 2015​Staff in psychology
181 2015.pdf​10th July 2015​Lorenzo
182 2015.pdf​13th July 2015​A & E beds
183 2015.pdf​14th July 2015​Telephone maintenance
184 2015.pdf​16th July 2015​Armed forces lead
185 2015.pdf​21st July 2015​Linked to FOI request 179
186 2015.pdf​19th July 2015​Lease vehicles
187 2015.pdf​17th July 2015​Catering
188 2015.pdf​16th July 2015​Under 18's serious incidents
189 2015.pdf​20th July 2015​Facilities contracts
190 2015.pdf​17th July 2015 ​Service user forum minutes
191 2015.pdf​20th July 2015​Recycling
192 2015.pdf​21st July 2015​Whistleblowing
193 2015.pdf​22nd July 2015​Incidents - "selfie"
194 2015.pdf​23rd July 2015​ICT services
195 2015.pdf​23rd July 2015​On-call consultants
196 2015.pdf​24th July 2015​Vacancies
197 2015.pdf​24th July 2015​Equality Act
198 2015.pdf​27th July 2015​CAMHS services
199 2015.pdf​28th July 2015​Organisation charts
200 2015.pdf​29th July 2015​ICT services
201 2015.pdf​31st July 2015​Insight magazine
202 2015.pdf​2nd August 2015​Consultants - weekend working
203 2015.pdf​1st August 2015​Consultants - weekend working
204 2015.pdf​4th August 2015​ICT services
205 2015.pdf​4th August 2015​Consultant names
206 2015.pdf​4th August 2015​Staff and agency fees
​207 - Request withdrawn​5th August 2015​Admissions
208 2015.pdf​7th August 2015​Confederation of British Industry
209 2015.pdf​10th August 2015​Cleaning tender
210 2015.pdf​10th August 2015​Appointment reminder services
211 2015.pdf​11th August 2015​Overseas staff and vacancy rates
212 2015.pdf​12th August 2015​Agency staff
213 2015.pdf​12th August 2015​Pharmacy staffing
214 2015.pdf​13th August 2015​Budget holders
215 2015.pdf​14th August 2015​Norfolk Police information sharing
216 2015.pdf​14th August 2015​Forensic service inpatient numbers
217 2015.pdf​18th August 2015​ICT services
218 2015.pdf​19th August 2015​Linked to FOI request 55
219 2015.pdf​19th August 2015​Radiology
220 2015.pdf​20th August 2015​Inpatient deaths
221 2015.pdf​25th August 2015​Legal highs
222 2015.pdf​25th August 2015​Annual report and accounts
223 2015.pdf​28th August 2015​Assault on inpatient ward
224 2015.pdf​28th August 2015​HR and Payroll contracts and procurement
225 2015.pdf​1st September 2015​Agency staff
226 2015.pdf​1st September 2015​Obesity
227 2015.pdf​4th September 2015​Catering contracts and costs
228 2015.pdf​4th September 2015​Board of Directors and register of interests
229 2015.pdf​4th September 2015​Suicide and costing's
230 2015.pdf​7th September 2015​Consultant contracts
231 2015.pdf​7th September 2015​Disciplinary hearing
232 2015.pdf​8th September 2015​IAPT services
233 2015.pdf​8th September 2015​Agency staff
234 2015.pdf​8th September 2015​Pharmacy staff
235 2015.pdf​14th September 2015​Parking fines
236 2015.pdf​15th September 2015​NNUH consultant placement
237 2015.pdf​15th September 2015​Friends and family test
238 2015.pdf​15th September 2015​Lorenzo
239 2015.pdf​15th September 2015​Did not attend rates
240 2015.pdf​15th September 2015​Register of interests and private work
241 2015.pdf​16th September 2015​Parkinson's disease
242 2015.pdf​17th September 2015​Staff training on violence and abuse
243 2015.pdf​17th September 2015​Utilities
244 2015.pdf​17th September 2015​Allergy clinics
245 2015.pdf​18th September 2015​Press releases in last 12 months
246 2015.pdf​18th September 2015​Inpatient beds
247 2015.pdf​21st September 2015​Waiting times
248 2015.pdf​22nd September 2015​Organisation charts
249 2015.pdf​22nd September 2015​Agency staff
250 2015.pdf​22nd September 2015​Agency staff
251 2015.pdf​24th September 2015​ICT services
252 - Dealt with in person as a meeting.​24th September 2015​Quality Governance Committee - meeting agenda and papers
253 2015.pdf​25th September 2015​ICT services
254 2015.pdf​25th September 2015​Inpatient bed numbers
255 2015.pdf​28th September 2015​April Strategy
256 2015.pdf​29th September 2015 ​Bank, audit and car processing services
257 2015.pdf​29th September 2015​Prostate/urological cancer
258 2015.pdf​30th September 2015​Public health funerals
259 2015.pdf​13th October 2015​Smart phones and tablets
260 2015.pdf​5th October 2015​Next of kin
261 2015.pdf​6th October 2015​Disciplinary hearings
262 2015.pdf​6th October 2015​Memory clinic
263 2015.pdf​7th October 2015​Eating disorders
264 2015.pdf​8th October 2015​A & E referrals
265 2015.pdf​12th October 2015​Eating disorders
266 2015.pdf​13th October 2015​Budgets 2015 - 2017
267 2015.pdf​19th October 2015​Locum doctors

​268 - Closed

​16th October 2015​NHS provider licence
269 2015.pdf​19th October 2015​Debtors
270270 2015.pdf​20th October 2015​Pathology labs
271271 2015.pdf​22nd October 2015​Information services
272272 2015.pdf​22nd October 2015​Waiting times and targets
273273 2015.pdf​23rd October 2015​Mobile phones
274274 2015.pdf​26th October 2015​Agency staff
275275 2015.pdf​26th October 2015​Section 136 suite Fermoy Unit
​276 - No clarification received​27th October 2015​Financial statements
277 2015.pdf​30th October 2015​Children's deaths
278 2015.pdf​28th October 2015​Private practice referrals
279 2015.pdf​4th November 2015​IAPT services
280 2015.pdf​6th November 2015​Organisation charts
281 2015.pdf​6th November 2015​Immune drugs
282 2015.pdf​9th November 2015​Out of area beds
283 2015.pdf​9th November 2015​Black alerts
284 2015.pdf​10th November 2015​Parking
285 2015.pdf​11th November 2015​CAMHS service
286 2015.pdf​13th November 2015​Organisation charts
287 2015.pdf​15th November 2015​Kennedy solicitors
​288 - Request withdrawn​16th November 2015​Response to FOI request
289 2015.pdf​16th November 2015​Inpatient beds
290 2015.pdf​17th November 2015​ICT services
291 2015.pdf​17th November 2015​Security measures
292 2015.pdf​17th November 2015​Agency staff
293 2015.pdf​17th November 2015​Finance outsourcing
294 2015.pdf​17th November 2015​Apprenticeships
295 2015.pdf​18th November 2015​Investigation report
296 2015.pdf​19th November 2015​Staff overpayments
297 2015.pdf​20th November 2015Absconded patients
298 2015.pdf​20th November 2015 ​Under 18 admissions to adult wards
299 2015.pdf​20th November 2015​Under 18 out of area admissions
300 2015.pdf​23rd November 2015​ICT services
301 2015.pdf​24th November 2015​Looked after children
302 2015.pdf​26th November 2015​Organisation charts
303 2015.pdf​26th November 2015​Patient reminder services
304 2015.pdf​26th November 2015​IAPT services
305 2015.pdf​3rd December 2015​Organisation charts
306 2015.pdf​3rd December 2015​Digital health record
307 2015.pdf​4th December 2015​Agency staff
308 2015.pdf​4th December 2015​Compliment letters
309 2015.pdf​6th December 2015​Locked rehab wards
310 2015.pdf​7th December 2015Agency staff
​311 - Open​8th December 2015​Annual report and accounts
312 2015.pdf​8th December 2015​Detained patients and bed numbers
​313 - No clarification rec'd​9th December 2015​Referrals and treatment
314 2015.pdf​9th December 2015​Root Cause Analysis
315 2015.pdf​10th December 2015​Death of service users and staff
316 2015.pdf​11th December 2015​CAMHS services
317 2015.pdf​14th December 2015​Serious incidents
318 2015.pdf​14th December 2015​Electronic record scanning
319 2015.pdf​18th December 2015​ICT Services
320 2015.pdf​20th December 2015​Personality Disorder
321 2015.pdf​22nd December 2015​Bank Staff
322 2015.pdf​13th December 2015​10 point and 5 point plans