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Freedom of Information Register 2013
ReferenceInitial Request DateDescription
012/1/2013Absence figures of staff​
023/1/2013ICT Systems
033/1/2013Care Provisions provided by the Trust
043/1/2013Agency worker costs and breakdowns
057/1/2013Those patients who have died interstate
067/1/2013Postholder details regarding Commissioning
079/1/2013Staffing ratios on wards
089/1/2013Plans of Hellesdon Hospital and St Clements Hospital
0910/1/2013Management structures
1015/01/2013Payments of over £220 a day employed in CEO and Finance
1116/01/2013ICT/WTE staff in departments/strategies
1217/01/2013ICT System information
1317/01/2013Facilities for Trade Unions
1417/01/2013Staff info and finance info before and after merger
1521/01/0213HR and Payroll suppliers and systems
1622/01/2013ICT Systems information
1729/01/2013Facilities supplier of wash room
1830/01/2013Older Peoples Services for Norfolk and Waveney
1931/01/2013Facilities Service Contracts
201/2/2013ICT Contracts
211/2/2013Disciplinary Cases last 5 years
224/2/2013Out of area patients and costs
234/2/2013Commissioning, TUPE and Procurement
245/2/2013Use of physical restraint, training and ethnicity
2531/01/2013Additional info from request 17 2013 (mitchinson)
267/2/2013Junior Doctor/Medical Staff working conditions
278/2/2013SUI Incidents
2810/2/2013Homicides since 2003
2911/1/2013Garden Leave
3011/2/2013ICT staffing numbers
3111/2/2013RA authorisers - smart cards
3212/2/2013Ill health redeployment​
32A6/3/2013Ill health Redeployment 
3312/2/2013Data Protection Act Breaches
3412/2/2013Absconsions from St. Clements and woodlands
3513/02/2013Overpayments of Salary
3614/02/2013 ICT Contracts
3714/02/2013Computer Aided Job Evaluation (CAJE) spend
3816/02/2013Trust Clinical Excellence Award details
3918/02/2013Bed Numbers/Staffing
4022/02/2013NHS Barcoding Requirements
4118/02/2013Number of voluntary inpatient beds and number of Sect 2 for the last 5 years.
42250/2/2013Costs of various refreshments, mileage, and counselling hours
4327/02/2013Risk Management
4425/02/2013Learning Development Lead
451/3/2013Resuscitation Standards
461/3/2013Disciplinary Cases last 5 years
473/3/2013Spend of how the hospital smells/cleaning products
488/3/2013Riser Recliner Chairs
498/3/2013Older Peoples Services for Norfolk and Waveney
5013/03/2013Coroner Rule 43 inquests
5111/3/2013Appraisal Software
5211/3/2013Coroner Rule 43 inquests
5313/03/2013Agency Spend
5413/03/2013Contact Details for Directorates
5513/03/2013Unfilled posts
5618/03/2013Private work by NHS Doctors
5718/03/2013Perinatal services
5922/03/2013Death intestate
6022/03/2013Organisational Charts
6122/03/2013Employee details re nursing staff
6224/03/2013Chaplin services
6325/03/2013Chaplin Services
6428/03/2013ICT Contracts
6528/03/2013Suicides/su convicted of crimes
6628/03/2013Nursing posts/sponsored clinical posts
6728/03/2013Estates Management/Hard Facilities Costs
6828/03/2013Sexual addiction services
692/4/2013ICT Contracts
702/4/2013Digital Dictation/CQUINN
71 4/4/2013Funerals
72 PMA policies
7418/04/2013Lease Cars/Fleet
7519/04/2013Services in Community
7622/04/2013Pharmacy Formulary
7724/04/2013Records Mgt/Gov structures
7829/04/2013Compliant Letters
7929/04/2013Out of area patients
80 29/04/2013Autistic services
812/5/2013In patient bed costs addiction services
822/5/2013ADHD Services
83 2/5/2013Radical Pathway Redesign
847/5/2013ICT Staffing and systems
8514/05/2013Agency staff/average pay
87 14/05/2013Ansconsions/disciplinary
8815/05/2013ICT Systems
8922/05/2013Mobile Phones
9022/05/2013MHA Policies
91 24/05/2013Out of area patients
9223/05/2013Accounts info on website
9315/05/2013Counseling and therapies waiting times
9428/05/2013memory Services
954/6/2013Digital Dictation
965/6/2013Patients died intestate
97 6/6/2013Clinical coding and PBR figures and policies
98 6/6/2013Estates/Facilities structures, plans and staffing spend
99 7/6/2013ICT use of medical devices
10010/6/2013Agency Spends
10111/6/2013Job titles/salary details
10213/06/2013Trust spend on food per patient per day
103 13/06/2013Statistics for St Clements & Woodlands April 09 - June 13 percentages of inpatient bed occupancy & availability/capacity
10414/06/2013Organisational Charts
10517/06/2013Nurse Vacancies & Overseas Recruitment
10617/06/2013Agency Nursing
107 19/06/2013ICT
108 20/06/2013Hand dryers
109 23/06/2013Trust Taxis
11021/06/2013Agency Staff
111 21/06/2013Local Area Network Contracts (LAN)
112 21/06/2013Hospital Addresses, Bed numbers, number of inpatients & outpatients
11321/06/2013EPR System Information
11421/06/2013Trust Financial Information & Spends On ICT
11526/06/2013Complaint Letters
116 25/06/2013Telephone, Broadband & WAN Contract Data
117 1/7/2013No of people admitted as mental health patients each month of 2012
118 1/7/2013No of staff employed as part of community care team and amount spent on community care services
119 1/7/2013IT department structure
120 4/7/2013Email addresses of Sustainability Manager & Head of Estates
121 1/7/2013Information in relation to section 140 of the Mental Health Act
122 2/7/2013Admissions of children due to drugs overdoses
123 5/7/2013Numbers of inpatient beds
124 5/7/2013Cost and availability of therapies
125 8/7/2013Expenses for past 12 months
12612/7/2013Name of all directorates
127 12/7/2013Whistleblowing & Grievance Procedures
128 15/07/2013Agency Spend and service level agreements
129 15/07/2013Policies of staff with mental Health Issues/Support for staff
130 19/07/2013Job Descriptions and Pay bands
131 19/07/2013Patients put into hotels
132 23/07/2013Asthma stats
133 24/07/2013Contractor suppliers
134 26/07/2013Furniture Supplier
135 24/07/2013Organisational Charts
136 24/07/2013Food & Costs
137 26/06/2013Admission to hospital
138 29/07/2013Health records Management and audit
139 1/8/2013Non clinical agency spends
140 1/8/2013Agency Spends
141 1/8/2013Framework agencies
142 1/8/2013Staff Dosimetery
143 2/8/2013Agency Spends
144 6/8/2013ECT Treatments
145 9/8/2013CAMHS Stats
146 12/8/2013Chaplin Services
147 12/8/2013 All NHS Norfolk facilities
14812/8/2013Organisational Charts
149 13/08/2013IM & T Structures and charts
150 13/08/2013Consultant vacancies and recruitment
151 14/08/2013Occupational Health - staff referrals
152 14/08/2013Numbers of chiropodists and podiatrists employed by the Trust)
153 16/08/2013umber of patients diagnosed with CES
154 15/08/2013Administration & Management of Patient's personal finances
155 19/08/2013Attacks against staff
156 20/08/2013Wi-Fi provider
157 20/08/2013Data on Populations
158 21/08/2013Locum doctors employed by agency
159 22/08/2013Salary payments
160 22/08/2013Mental Health beds
161 22/08/2013Dementia interventions and groups.
162 27/08/2013Agency Spends Jan - June 2013
163 29/08/2013Organisational Charts
164 4/9/2013Medium Secure data
165 4/9/2013Sexual Addiction
166 13/09/2013S136 Arrangements
167 12/9/2013Printer/ICT Software
168 12/9/2013Drugs sold outside UK
169 16/09/2013Recruitment of Locums/Agency spends
170 20/09/2013Fleet Management
171 20/09/2013Out of area beds
172 20/09/2013Medical Negligence cases
173 23/09/2013Sickness/Return to work stats
174 23/09/2013SU incidents by area and age
175 24/09/2013Software for appraisals and doctors validation
176 24/09/2013Staff working with probationers
178 25/09/2013SMS text messaging
179 25/09/2013Dementia interventions and groups.
180 26/09/2013Changes in banding by age, gender and ethnicity/redundancy by demographic profile
181 30/09/2013Waste Maintenance and recycling
182 30/09/2013Agency spends on locums
183 3/10/2013ICT Spend and contract
1843/10/2013Org charts, agency locums physiotherapy
185 4/10/2013Unexplained deaths
186 6/10/2013Local Counter Fraud Specialist services
187 3/10/2013Spend of staff pharmacy
1891/10/2013Contractor works
1907/10/2013Multiple Questions
1919/10/2013Trade Unions
19210/10/2013Supported employment
193 11/10/2013Detentions under MHA
194 14/10/2013Out of area beds/bed numbers and occupancy
19517/10/2013Staffing levels
19624/10/2013PICU Ward information
19724/10/2013Community mental Health Team budgets, staffing and referrals
198 24/10/2013Budgets and Staffing
199 25/10/2013Community Treatment Orders
200 28/10/2013Patient Transport
20129/10/2013ICT Spend and contract
20228/10/2013Qualifications of staff
20330/10/2013Misconduct records
204 31/10/2013Attendance records at A & E
205 31/10/2013Apo morphine Challenges
206 1/11/2013Spend on artwork and arts managers
207 1/11/2013Prone Restraint
208 3/11/2013Agency expenditure locums
209 5/11/2013Services for deaf people
210 6/11/2013CAMHS Services
​211​09/11/2013​Parking Enforcements
​212​11/11/2013​Hospital Food
​213​12/11/2013​ICT Contracts
​214​08/11/2013​AAT Staffing
​215​18/11/2013​Extra Contractual Referrals
​216​18/11/2013​ICT Contracts
​217​18/11/2013​Deaf Service Users
​218​21/11/2013​Agency Spend
​219​22/11/2013​Refuge Tender
​220​22/11/2013​Interpreting Services
​221​25/11/2013​ICT Structures
​222​25/11/2013​Radiology Services
​223​25/11/2013​Patient Information Leaflet
​224​24/11/2013​Out of Area Bed Costs
​225​28/11/2013​IAPT Services
​226​28/11/2013​Job Titles
​227​29/11/2013​Flu Jabs
​228​29/11/2013​DNA Rates and SMS Appointments
​229​03/12/2013​Serious Incidents
​230​05/12/2013​IM & T Informatics Strategy
​231​05/12/2013​Homicide Investigations
​232​22/11/2013​CCG Dementia Waiting Times
​233​09/12/2013​Dementia Diagnosis and Treatments
​236​16/12/2013​Junior Doctors and Sick Days
​237​13/12/2013​Exit Packages
​238​16/12/2013​FOI Requests and Responses
​239​20/12/2013​Service User Treatments
​240​31/12/2013​MSU and LSU Assaults and Agency Staffing