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Equality initiatives

At the Trust, we are constantly thinking of new ways to engage with our diverse workforce and the local population.

We want to make sure that the service we provide meets with the needs of those we serve, and those who work within the Trust. We believe that this is not just a legal requirement but is genuinely important.​

The Trust has several initiatives running which help us to engage with staff, service users and other interested partners.

The Trust has three Employee Network Groups, which are:

  • BME Network Group
  • LGBT Network Group
  • Hidden Talent Network Group

Staff are encouraged and supported to attend whichever group they feel interested in and more importantly anyone can be a member.
The Trust carries out a staff equality survey to find out what staff experiences are when it comes to equality in the Trust. To find out more please click on the following links:
We engage with local communities by attending local events and meetings, and we invite the community to workshops such as the spirituality workshop.

To find out more about how to engage in Trust activities or become a member of the Trust, please contact our Membership officer​ or complete the online membership application form. ​