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The formal Notice of Election and Statement of Nominated Candidates from Civica Election Services can be found below:

The elections are run independently by Civica Election Services (CES) and all enquiries should be directed to the Returning Officer, Ciara Norris on 020 8889 9203 or  

Rules and regulations for elections to the Council of Governors
Elections to the Council of Governors are held every year for those governors who have come to the end of the​ir term or w​ho have stopped being a governor during the previous year. Governors are usually elected for three-year terms starting on 1 February, and can be re-elected twice, serving a maximum of nine years.

The NSFT Constitution contains the rules for elections and the circumstances under which a person cann​ot stand as a Governor. These elections are held in accordance with the Department of Health's model rules for elections.

Members can only stand as a Governor for the constituency of which they are a member (that is, staff members can only be Staff Governors). 

Ballot papers will be sent to all the members within the constituencies where there are contested seats to vote on who should represent them. 

The regulations governing this election and further information about Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust can be obtained from Jean Clark, Trust Secretary on 01603 421233 or email

Information on the Council of Governors and the role of the Governor

The Council of Governors are responsible for representing the interests of our Foundation Trust members and partner organisations, and for feeding back information to the members who elected or appointed them. 

Governors must act in the best interest of the Trust and in accordance with the seven principles of public life – the Nolan Principles: selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership.

The Council of Governors meets six times a year in public and Governors should make every effort to attend these meetings. There is also a number of subgroups of the Board of Governors.

​If you are interested in standing as a Governor, we hope the following information​ is useful:

Information about previous years' elections can be found below. 

The formal Notice of Election 2019, Statement of Nominated Candidates, Notice of Poll and Declaration of Results from Civica Election Services can be found below:

Results of previous elections

Jan 2019 election results

Dec 2017 contested results

Dec 2017 uncontested results

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Dec 2015 contested results

Dec 2015 uncontested results

Dec 2014 contested results

Dec 2014 uncontested results

Jan 2014 contested​ results

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Mar 2012 u​ncontested results