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Data protection and ICT security policies

For all requests and enquiries regarding these standards and policies, please contact the Patient Advisory and Liaison Service (PALS)​. 

  • Policy ISMS S9 P2 Annex A ICT Forensic Readiness Plans
  • Policy ISMS S9 P2 ICT Forensic Readiness
  • IG0-1 Overarching Information Security Framework NSFT
  • IG0-1 Annex A List of ISMS Policies
  • IG1-1 Patient Internet Access Policy NSFT
  • IG1-1 Annex A PALS Computers - Risk Assessment Form
  • IG1-2 Starters Movers and Leavers Policy NSFT
  • IG2-2 Annex A Summary of Administrative Rights
  • IG2-2 Use of Network Access Accounts Policy NSFT
  • IG2-4 The Use and Management of the Internet Policy NSFT
  • IG2-5 Annex A Decision Tree
  • IG2-5 Removable Media Policy NSFT
  • IG2-6 Annex A Data Storage Options
  • IG2-6 Storing Information Electronically Policy NSFT
  • IG2-8 The Use of Social Media Policy NSFT
  • IG3-1 Use and Management of Personal Digital Assistants Policy NSFT
  • IG3-2 Use and Management of Laptop Computers Policy NSFT 2013
  • IG3-3 Annex A Remote Access Support
  • IG3-3 Remote Access Service Policy NSFT
  • IG4-1 Use and Management of Mobile Phones Policy NSFT
  • IG4-1 Annex A Private Mobile Phone Use Form IG4-1
  • IG5-3 Annex A - Systems that need an IAO
  • IG5-3 Annex B - IAO IAA Guide to Risk Management
  • IG5-3 Information Risk Management Policy NSFT
  • IG5-4 Secure Destruction of Confidential Information and ICT Assets Policy NSFT
  • IG5-5 Annex A Screening Questions Full PIA
  • IG5-5 Annex B Screening Questions Small PIA
  • IG5-5 Privacy Impact Assessment Policy NSFT
  • IG5-3 Annex C Business Case for New ICT Application Template
  • IG5-3 Annex D - Example letter appointing IAO
  • IG6-3 Third Party Access to the Trust Network Policy NSFT
  • IG6-3 Annex A - Third Party ICT Access Agreement
  • IG6-3 Annex B Third Party ICT Access List
  • IG6-3 Annex C - Process for authorising Third Party ICT Access
  • IG6-1 Network Structure, Configuration and Security Policy NSFT
  • IG6-1 Annex A Network Configuration
  • IG6-1 Annex B Physical and Environmental Security
  • IG6-1 Annex C Malicious Software and Security Patching
  • IG6-1 Annex D Data Backup Schedule
  • IG2-3 Standard Use of Email Policy NSFT
  • IG7-1 Annex A Verifying Identity for CfH National Applications
  • IG7-1 Annex B RA01 Short Form Conditions
  • IG7-1 Annex C RBAC Mapped Roles
  • IG7-1 RA and RBAC v01 Policy NSFT
  • IG0-3 Information Governance Policy NSFT
  • IG0-2 IG Framework NSFT
  • IG9-1 Investigating and Reporting NSFT
  • WinZipUserGuide
  • Email Encryption