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Compass Training

 ​Family Therapy Courses

Compass Training Partnership (NSFT) is offering part-time courses in Family Therapy, designed for developing professionals. (To find out more about Compass Training, click here​).

These courses are accredited by the Association of Family Therapy (AFT) and are commissioned by NSFT.

Foundation course in Family Therapy

Systemic Ideas in Family Therapy

Intermediate course in Family Therapy

Embedding the Evidence into Practice

Multi-agency Approaches to Systemic Supervision
AFT AccreditedAFT Accredited
Andrew Middlecoat
This course involves one year's part-time study and builds upon participant's knowledge, theory and practice from their chosen professional background. Its key focus ...NSFT is offering graduates who have already completed foundation level training courses in Systemic Family Therapy the opportunity to undertake a further years ...This course is suitable for senior professionals and managers responsible for supervising staff teams working with vulnerable children and families. It is ...

Systemic Psychotherapist,

Clinical Supervisor & Trainer

Andy has worked as an honorary lecturer at University of East Anglia (UEA) since 2000, where he has taught ...

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Online tools / Resources

There are other online tools and resources available. Click here for information and links.