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Clinical and Quality policies

​For all requests and enquiries regarding these clinical and quality policies, please contact the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS)

Clinical policies

C01 Admission
​C02​Managing Withdrawal Symptoms for Inpatients
C03 Care of the Dying
C04Domestic Violence and Abuse
​C05Section 136 of the Mental Health Act​
​C07​Mental Capacity Act (including Deprivation of Liberty safeguards)
​C08​Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression (including the use of physical intervention)
C16Management of Health Records
C20Manual Handling (clinical)
C23Oxygen Therapy
C29Do Not Attempt Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation 
C32Transfer between NSFT Secondary Mental Health Teams  
C32aCare for Inpatients who Require treatment in Acute General Hospital
C35Searching (Rooms and Service Users)
C36Observation and Engagement of Service Users
C46Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
C48Management of Medication Error (prescribing, administration and failure to sign)
C55Leave for Detained Patients and Informal Service Users
C58Children Visiting In-patient Areas
C59Covert Administration of Medication
C70aDischarge from In-patient Care
C70bDischarge from Trust Services
C71Consent to Examination or Treatment
C78Medical Devices
C82Clinical Risk Assessment and Management
C83Food and Nutrition
C84Physical Health: Wellbeing and Monitoring
C86Slips, Trips and Falls (service users)
C87Dual Diagnosis (Co-occurring Mental Health and Alcohol/Drug use Conditions)
C89Safeguarding Children
C90Safeguarding Adults at Risk of Abuse
C91Supervised Community Treatment
C92Allocation of Responsible Clinician for Detained Patients
C93Community Services Clinical Team Meetings
C96Section 117
C98CPA and non-CPA
C106Mental Health Treatment Requirements
C107Seclusion and Long Term Segregation
C108Service User Property
C109Non-medical prescribing
C111Rapid Tranquilisation
C112Management of Medicines
C114Care of Service Users who are Intoxicated with Drugs or Alcohol and Disposal of Substances


Quality policies

​Q03 ​Fire: Prevention and Management
​Q04​Equality Assessments
​Q06​Duty of Candour
​Q07​Emergency Preparedness, Resilience and Response
Q11Serious Incidents Requiring Investigation 
Q11aUnexpected/Sudden Death
Q12Missing/Absent Persons and Failure to Return from Leave
Non-access Visits and Missed/Cancelled Appointments
​CAS alerts (central alerting system) 
Q14Development and Management of Trust Policy
Q14aAccessible information for service users
​Q16​Clinical Supervision
Q17Lone Working
Risk Management Strategy
Stress Management
Q20Accident and Incident Reporting
Q21Security Management
Q22Claims Handling
Q23Health and Safety
Q26Hostage Situations
Q29aNursing Mentorship​
Q29bPractice Placements
Q39Implementing NICE guidance
Q41Corporate Records Management
Ligature and Suicide Risk: Environmental Assessment and Management
​Supporting safe community environments
Q47Standards for Business Conduct
Q48Freedom of Information
Q49Smokefree Policy​
Q50Data Protection Act