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Help in a crisis
Care Programme Approach

‚ÄčPutting service users at the centre of care planning

Care Programme Approach (CPA) is the framework that mental health services work within to ensure on-going partnership working with service users and their carers / supporters; to make sure care and support is well-organised, meets identified needs and stays up-to-date. It makes sure everyone involved communicates with service users and each other.

It requires an assessment of needs, recovery goals and safety, which is regularly reviewed and updated followed by allocation to CPA or no-CPA. It means there will be an up-to-date safety and risk assessment.

A care plan will be co-produced with the service user and anyone else they want involved (carer, advocate, outreach worker and others), whenever possible. The care co-ordinator will also have a key role to play in deciding who (which agency) needs to contribute for maximum benefit. The set of interventions and treatments is regularly evaluated: is it relevant to recovery, effective and safe?

Have your say on our care and safety plans

As part of our ongoing improvement work to the CPA, we are looking at redeveloping a new care plan and safety plan with service users, carers / supporters and our staff, which will go live in October 2020.

We are also aware that we need to be more collaborative in care planning, with care plans being more person-centred and recovery-focused. This is your opportunity to have your say to develop a care plan that better meets the needs of our service users.

We would really appreciate your suggestions. We have created a simple questionnaire which will take you only a few minutes to complete. It is open until 28 February 2020. Click here.