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About Compass Training

​Compass Training

At Compass it is important to us that we support local and regional practitioners in their pursuit for professional development in the area of systemic family therapies. That is why, since 2013, the Compass Training Partnership (NSFT) has been offering part-time courses in Family Therapy, commissioned by Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust and accredited by the Association of Family Therapy.

Compass offers the opportunity for staff from multi-agency settings to undertake training which builds upon participant’s knowledge, theory and practice from their chosen professional background. Compass’ core focus is on developing professionals as ‘self-reflexive thinkers’, and these courses aim to enhance a practitioner’s therapeutic skills when working with vulnerable individuals, families and couples.

Our exciting programmes examine the theory, evidence base and practical application of family therapy across a range of different work contexts, and teaching is provided by a team of motivated and highly experienced trainers and therapists in the field of Family and Systemic Psychotherapy. At Compass, we pride ourselves on being able to create a safe and supportive learning space for all, this is why each of our courses runs with a maximum enrolment of 30 students. We believe that teaching in smaller groups enhances the individual and group learning experience, allowing students to network with other professionals, whilst more effectively engaging with group discussions, workshops, and tutor-led learning objectives.

Visit the Resources​ page for further information on our courses.

Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (NSFT) provide mental health and learning disability services in Norfolk and Suffolk. The Trust believes in recovery and wellbeing, and understands the importance of good physical health, maintaining relationships and achieving a balance between treatments and continuing an active life.

NSFT aims to be recognised as a national leader through the provision and co-ordination of high quality, excellent and cost-effective services, together with a commitment to research and innovation.​