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Help in a crisis
Owen Spalding
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Owen Spalding

Staff Nurse, Thurne Ward, Hellesdon Hospital

Originally from Norwich, 22-year-old Owen has recently returned to the city after completing his mental health nursing degree at Leeds University. He has been working on the Thurne acute assessment ward since September.

He said: "I've settled in well and find that the Thurne Ward is a good environment in which to work. We offer seven day assessments to patients before they either move to a longer-stay ward or are discharged to continue receiving support in the community, which I find really interesting.

"I was convinced I wanted to pursue a career in mental health nursing from the age of around 14 and was never tempted to go into physical health. Lots of my family members work in mental health, so I've been surrounded by it all of my life. I've also had friends and family with personal experience of mental ill health, so wanted to do what I could to help.

"The job is challenging but I enjoy the patient contact and working with people. I like making a difference to service users and seeing them improve – it's great to finish the day feeling like you've had a positive impact on someone's health.

"I would recommend nursing. It's not without its stresses, but can be fantastically rewarding and offers lots of good opportunities to progress."