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Help in a crisis
Nicole Crabtree
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Nicole Crabtree

Senior Community Menal Health Practitioner, The Conifers, Hellesdon Hospital

"I chose to work in mental health as at college I was studying psychology and this really sparked my interested. I'm also a people person, so I felt that a career working in mental health would be an opportunity to merge these interests. Moreover, I thought nursing was a career I could progress in and the job would be forever evolving…. I wasn't wrong.

"Another inspiration for me was my family. Many of the women women were nurses such, as my auntie and grandmother who were excellent role models. Also, on a more personal level, my mother suffered with depression and I saw how she was supported and treated which really inspired me to want to help people with similar issues.

"Nursing is a career I have always wanted to be a part of - being a nurse allows me to work with service users through their journey - I see them at their worst and work with them through their recovery. I also have the opportunity to work with a number of different agencies and work closely with families and carers.

"The reason why I really enjoy my job is that it is varied and unpredictable and there are lots of opportunities to challenge me. I am forever learning new things and I never get bored!

"I am proud of my profession and the positive changes I can make to someone's life."