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Help in a crisis
From our Chief Executive

A message from Antek Lejk, Chief Executive:

At Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust we provide mental health services across Norfolk and Suffolk. At the Trust, we believe in recovery and wellbeing, and understand the importance of good physical health, maintaining relationships and achieving a balance between treatments and continuing an active life.

Service users and carers are at the centre of all aspects of our work and are vital in helping to shape and support our service strategy. Our strategy supports and enables people with mental health problems, or who need to improve their wellbeing, to live a fulfilling life and make their personal recovery journey.

We aim to be recognised as a national leader through the provision and co-ordination of high-quality, excellent and cost-effective services, together with a commitment to research and innovation. We aim to be an expert in mental health whole-life care and wellbeing, known by the local community to provide excellent advice, care and treatment in a friendly, flexible and timely manner.

Our Teams

Our staff make this Mental Health trust what it is. Everyone's contribution is valued and acknowledged.

We offer an exciting range of career opportunities across Norfolk and Suffolk in a wide variety of disciplines including doctors, porters, nurses, occupational therapists, administrators and assistant practitioners. Our environments are both rural and across the towns from Bury St Edmunds to Great Yarmouth and King's Lynn to Haverhill and extending into many working environments of secure services, community and inpatient acute hospital.

With exciting new opportunities arising such as our innovative recovery college and nursing academy, with great links with USC -  University Campus Suffolk and UEA – University of East Anglia.

Whatever your role, the quality of our care to our service users, families and carers is totally dependent on the contribution of each member of staff and how we work together. It is a joint approach: the attitude, qualities and skills you bring to your role in the Trust and the support, development and job satisfaction you expect in return.

Our staff are working towards achieving our vision to provide safe, sustainable services, achieving positive patient outcomes, innovation and learning.