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Working together to improve crisis care

Service users and staff from Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust have joined forces to create a range of resources to further improve the care available to people reaching crisis point.

Staff and clients in east Suffolk have developed the tools over the past 18 months.

They include a crisis planning document, which brings together a wide range of information about each individual and their care needs and medication, as well as their preferences around interventions.

The document pulls together all of the information about each service user into one place so that clinicians are provided with all of the necessary background information to provide effective and personalised treatment during a crisis. The plan also gives service users the chance to share other information, such as financial details and who they would like to look after their pets, for example.

Posters and badges have also been created to act as a reminder for healthcare staff who are working with someone in a high state of distress. They carry the ‘LISTEN’ acronym and encourage people to:

Listen and look
Involve and inform
Share understanding
Time and availability
Empathise, encourage and evaluate
Next steps in treatment

The badges and posters have been sent to NSFT’s teams across Suffolk and are gradually being introduced throughout all areas of the Trust.

The materials form part of an ongoing initiative to ensure local people are involved in the design of mental health services and placed at the heart of the care they receive.

To dowload the poster, please click here.​