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Wellbeing service surveys Norfolk and Suffolk stress levels at Christmas

Norfolk and Suffolk's NHS Wellbeing services are asking people what causes them the most stress at Christmas.

A survey, called the 'Twelve Stresses of Christmas' aims to discover which stress factors affect people the most across the two counties.

Though the Yuletide period is often considered the happiest time of year, things like family tensions, financial worries, loneliness and even end-of-year fatigue can spoil the fun for many.

The survey, which is anonymous and takes two minutes to complete, will also reveal if the 'Twelve Stresses of Christmas' affect people across Norfolk and Suffolk, in the same way.

Consultant clinical psychologist and clinical lead for Wellbeing Services at Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, Nesta Reeve, said: "Christmas is a wonderful time of year when most families can get together to enjoy the holiday period, be joyful, grateful and giving.

"There is no doubt though it also comes with a certain amount of stress, from money worries to even small frustrations like fighting over the TV remote control.

"It's a fun survey but also has a very serious side. It will be interesting to find out which stress factors affect people the most in Norfolk and Suffolk and, if indeed, they are the same way across two counties.

"The sooner we get the results, the sooner we can help people to have a stress free Christmas!"

The Wellbeing Service provides a range of psychological interventions to help and support people with common mental health problems and negative emotions such as low mood, anxiety, depression or stress.

The 'Twelve Stresses of Christmas' includes factors such as family tensions, cooking the Christmas dinner,  weight gain, office parties - and people can also add their own personal Christmas stress bugbear.

The Wellbeing service provided by Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, helps people cope through a range of support systems including telephone based treatments, workshops, group sessions, online or computer based cognitive behavioural therapy and individual appointments.

The service is free and open to anyone aged 16 or over living in Suffolk, Norfolk or Great Yarmouth and Waveney.

Clinical Psychologist at Wellbeing Suffolk, Tuija Juusti-Butler, said: "Looking forward to the results and in the meantime, may we wish everyone a very happy and stress-free Christmas, on behalf of the Wellbeing Service."

Try our Twelve Stresses of Christmas survey, here:

For more information on local NHS Wellbeing services, visit or call 0300 123 1503 for Norfolk services and 0300 123 1781 for Suffolk services.  ‚Äč