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Visitors pledge to reduce stigma of mental health at Suffolk Wellbeing Wednesday event

​Visitors to University Campus Suffolk in Ipswich were able to pledge to reduce the stigma associated with mental health at a wellbeing event today (Wednesday, 31 October).

Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust’s Wellbeing Wednesday event saw members of the public learn about mental health and wellbeing.

The event featured the Lunch Punch, a stress-busting exercise session hosted by ex-Premiership footballer Ruel Fox, table tennis taster sessions, a Nintendo Wii competition and wellbeing at work seminars.

Visitors also had the chance to speak confidentially to mental health experts and meet representatives from local organisations and support groups.

Maggie Wheeler, Chairman of the Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, said: “The event was a great way for us to engage with members of the public.

“Mental health still carries a degree of stigma, but events like this give us a great opportunity to explore awareness of mental health issues and public perceptions.”

Wellbeing Wednesday, which took place from 1pm to 7pm, aimed to raise awareness of mental health issues while attempting to remove some of the stigma associated with mental health.

The event at UCS linked to a partner event which was held simultaneously at The Forum in Norwich.