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Suffolk Family Carers information day

​Representatives from Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (NSFT) are taking part in an event aimed at informing carers of their rights.

The event is taking place at Ipswich Library on Friday, 25 November, from 10am until 2pm, and has been organised by Suffolk Family Carers.

Representing the Trust at the event will be Eddie Cross, Carer Lead from the Central Locality Integrated Delivery Team.

He will be on hand to offer advice to people caring for NSFT service users about their entitlements and how to find further assistance.

Carers are entitled to an assessment which looks at the impact of their role on areas such as work, money, housing, health, wellbeing and relationships and identifies areas where they may need more help or support.

Eddie said about the role: “Caring for someone with mental ill health can have significant impact on the carers own wellbeing.

“We recognise that and try to offer emotional support and practical advice for carers to enable confidence in their role. We want to ensure they feel involved and positively engaged with the care we provide for their family member or friend.

“It is so important that we look after the carers and their wellbeing. We recognise that they make a huge contribution to the recovery of our service users.

“The role of the carer is not always recognised, often by the carer themselves. They assume that they are only doing what is expected of them as a family member or friend.

“However without their input, our staff would find their work much more difficult and the cared for person’s recovery may be compromised .what we hope to achieve is that our carers receive the Support, information and education they need to look after their loved ones as well as themselves.”

It is the Trust’s Carers’ Leads who often support the carers’ assessments and they can provide information about particular conditions, and signpost carers to other agencies.

At the end of last year, the Carers Trust presented NSFT with the star for successfully achieving the first stage of the Triangle of Care.

The Triangle of Care was launched in 2010 as a therapeutic alliance between carers, service users and staff. NSFT became a member of the scheme in 2014, with the aim of supporting and promoting recovery in mental health by ensuring that carers are fully involved throughout the recovery journey and able to access support, and that services value the vital role they play.

As part of the Triangle of Care programme, the rest of NSFT’s services will also complete self-assessments to evaluate how well they are working with carers.

Gary Page, Chair of NSFT, said: “We are committed to placing our service users and carers at the heart of everything we do, and cemented this focus last year when we launched a new strategy called 'Improving Services Together', which makes it clearer how their voices will be heard.

“We will continue to build on these strong foundations in the future as we drive through further improvements for our service users and their carers.”

For more information about the Triangle of Care, visit