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Steve Bazire Photo credit EDP
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Steve Bazire is first mental health pharmacist to receive Guild's gold medal

Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust’s Professor Steve Bazire has become the first pharmacist in mental health to receive the prestigious Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists' Gold Medal.

The award, established in 1957, recognises a pharmacist that has contributed on a national level to the practice and/or the politics of hospital pharmacy.

Dave Thornton, President of the Guild, said: “As author of the Psychotropic Drug Directory and the founder of the choice and medication website, Steve has had a large impact on the knowledge base around drugs used within mental health.

“As a past Chair of the UK Psychiatric Pharmacists Group and a founder member of the College of Mental Health Pharmacists, Steve has also had a large effect on the political aspects of pharmacy practice relating to those pharmacists working within mental health and beyond.”

Professor Bazire, who was Chief Pharmacist at Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust from 1986-2012, and is now Consultant Pharmacist at the Trust, said: “I was very pleasantly surprised to receive the medal and am delighted that the Guild recognises that pharmacy has had such a significant impact on the care of patients with mental health needs.” ​