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Police honour Trust psychologist for his work

A psychologist at Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust received his second commendation from the Chief Constable of Norfolk Police on Monday.

Ged Bailes, Lead Consultant Forensic Clinical Psychologist at the Trust’s Secure Services based at the Norvic Clinic in Norwich, was among 42 recipients at a ceremony at Dunston Hall, Norwich, to be honoured for their contribution to the police service.

Ged has been involved in negotiator training and has provided advice to Norfolk and other constabularies at various incidents. He received his commendation for his exemplary professionalism at an incident on 6 and 7 May 2011 as part of a Hostage Negotiator Team that was deployed to a two day house siege in Norwich, where someone posed a significant risk to himself, the other occupants of the house, and to the police.

Deputy Chief Constable Simon Bailey presented the award on behalf of the Chief Constable, he said: "This was an incredibly challenging situation and thanks to the work of Mr Bailes and the rest of the negotiator team, it was brought to a successful and peaceful conclusion. It is reassuring to know that the Constabulary has partners of the calibre of Mr Bailes that we can call on to assist in incidents of this nature."

Ged, who is accredited by the UK Police National Negotiating Group to provide assistance to crisis negotiators in serious and protracted incidents, also received a chief Constable’s Commendation from Norfolk Constabulary in 2010.

After the ceremony, he said: "I'm delighted about this award, as I know it's a real honour to receive it from the police. I'm also particularly pleased at being part of the negotiation team's significant effort in helping to resolve what was a very serious incident."

Aidan Thomas, Chief Executive at Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, said: “Ged has been a leading light in the Trust’s Forensic Services for many years and it will come as no surprise to his colleagues that he has received this commendation.

“He’s an extremely skilled professional and the staff who know him will be both pleased and feel that this honour is well deserved.”