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Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust launches governor election campaign

​Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust has commenced the process for electing its new Board of Governors.

The nomination period for the elections to the Board of Governors of Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust will begin on Monday 6 February 2012 and close at midday on Monday 5 March 2012.

These will be for two / three-year terms to commence upon election and to end no later than 31 January 2015.

The Board of Governors are responsible for representing the interests of Foundation Trust members and partner organisations, and for feeding back information to the members who elected or appointed them.

The Board of Governors meets four times a year in public and governors should make every effort to attend these meetings. The Board of Governors have specific statutory duties:

  • Appoint or remove the chair and the other non-executive directors.
  • Approve the appointment (by the non-executive directors) of the chief executive.
  • Decide the remuneration and allowances, and other terms and conditions of office, of the non-executive directors.
  • Appoint or remove the trust's external auditors.
  • Be presented with the annual accounts, any report of the auditor on them and the annual report.
  • Provide their views to the Board of Directors when it is preparing the foundation trust's forward planning publications.


2012 elections will be held for the following positions:

Norfolk residents only

2 Public Governors

1 Male Service User

1 Female Service User

1 Carer Governor


Suffolk residents only

5 Public Governors

1 Male Service User 

1 Female Service User


Norfolk & Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust staff only - 3 Staff Governors