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New scheme gives newly qualified nurses a greater variety of experience

Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust has launched a new scheme to give newly qualified nurses a greater variety of experience.

The initiative aims to:

  • Provide an opportunity to upskill staff in areas outside their normal practice
  • Improve working relationships across services
  • Support personal development
  • Support staff retention and
  • Prevent burnout


The scheme set up by the Trust is for newly qualified nurses to give them a rounded developmental first year in practice. These nurses will be employed by a locality rather than a service and will have opportunities to work across services within the locality to support their development.

At the end of the year, nurses and their managers will have a clearer picture of where their strengths and preferences lie to help them choose where they would like to work in the future. The rotation scheme will help to create a multi-skilled workforce which will support services in care delivery.

Staff Nurse Pete Bolam, who is on the scheme, said: “I was excited about the opportunity to join the rotation scheme as I was unsure what area I wanted to work once I first qualified.

"As a learning disability nurse, the only other options were in adult assessment and treatment units or secure settings; areas I had no experience in whilst training. The rotation scheme is allowing me the opportunity grow in confidence and gain more experience in a variety of environments."

Deputy Director of Nursing at the Trust, Michele Allott, said: “This initiative will ultimately be good news for patients because nurses will have a wider experience and knowledge of issues related to mental health and services available. It will also ensure that nurses identify the areas which best suit strengths and will develop multi-skilled practitioners who will be able to deliver high quality care for service users across a range of services.”​