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New governors elected to Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (NSFT) has appointed new governors with a wealth of knowledge in healthcare, finance and teaching, as well as first-hand experience of accessing mental health services or caring for someone with an illness.

The Trust held elections to fill 10 vacant public, carer, service user and staff seats before Christmas, with the results revealed on 31 December 2015. The successful candidates were:

Public (Norfolk)
Peter Kemp
Catherine Wells
Stephen Fletcher

Public (Suffolk)
Martin Wright

Service user (Norfolk)
Ginnie Benedettini

Service user (Suffolk)
Malcolm Blowers

Marcus Hayward
Dr Zeyar Win

Carer (Norfolk)
Mary Rose Roe

Carer (Suffolk)
Anne Humphrys

The successful candidates will join the Trust’s Council of Governors, which is made up of 23 elected seats across six constituencies, and will represent the views of local people and act as a key link between the Trust and the communities it serves. As well as driving through further improvements, they will also hold NSFT’s non-executive directors to account.

Robert Nesbitt, Company Secretary, said: “We were delighted to receive so many high calibre nominations, and would like to thank everyone who stood for their interest and ongoing support.

“Our governors play a vital role at NSFT by representing the views of local people, hosting important public engagement events and appointing our non-executive directors.

“They come from all walks of life and share an interest in mental wellbeing and a desire to see NSFT develop and thrive. We look forward to working closely with the successful candidates over the coming years to further improve the services we provide across Norfolk and Suffolk.”

Guenever Pachent, Lead Governor, said: “We are really looking forward to welcoming our new governors, who will help make sure the voices of our community are heard and their views represented.

“We were really pleased to receive nominations from a wide range of people from a variety of different backgrounds, and are confident that the successful candidates will help us continue to make a difference as we push for further improvements at the Trust.”

The governors will meet six times a year in public and hold two special themed events annually. They also attend sub-groups and committees, as well as visiting services and speaking to staff.

They all take up their new roles on 1 February for a period of three years.

For more information about NSFT’s governors, click here