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New YouTube channel puts mental health into perspective

A new YouTube channel  launched by Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust gives people the chance to  watch experts talk about a wide range of mental health topics.

Called Mental Health Perspectives, the channel will offer an online library of videos filmed at carers' conferences and workshops across Norfolk and Suffolk organised by Senior Practitioner, Howard Tidman.

Howard wanted to share the invaluable information provided by the guest speakers at his carers’ events to be available to everyone, not just those that were able to attend.

"Perspectives was born from my passion for supporting carers and as a consequence we've arranged a variety of forums and conferences throughout Norfolk and Suffolk,” explained Howard. “Of course the problem with this is that if you can't attend, you're going to miss some of the excellent speakers that we've had.

“They have included mental health professionals like psychiatrists, psychologists, and pharmacists but also experts by experience and this includes carers and people suffering from mental illness themselves. We aim to provide a variety of different insights and perspectives into mental illness."

Howard Tidman, Sharon Picken and Philippa Everett have all been invited to speak at the Triangle of Care conference, which has been organised by the Carer’s Trust and takes place in Manchester today (28 April) where the trio will also take the opportunity to launch the new channel.

NSFT has also been awarded a gold star from the Carer’s Trust for successfully achieving the first stage of the Triangle of Care, which underlines its commitment to involving carers in all aspects of their loved one’s treatment and recovery.

“We have held 18 carer’s forums across Norfolk and Suffolk so far, reaching more than 1,300 people. We make sure we cover a range of different subjects, and have welcomed speakers on everything from dementia to legal high and dual diagnosis,”added Howard.

Feedback from those attending the carers’ forums has been overwhelmingly positive, with:
• 89% rating them as useful
• 90.8% agreeing they had helped give them more confidence in their caring role and
• 81% saying it had increased their awareness of the services which are available

You can access the new channel by going to