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New Governors join NSFT

​Two new Governors who together have a wealth of experience working alongside the health service have started their new roles with Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (NSFT).

Leonard Wellings and Dr Richard Gorrod were elected just after Christmas and took up their seats on 1 February.

Mr Wellings has been elected as a Public Governor for Norfolk after working voluntarily in mental health for several years, including as a hospital manager with NSFT and a family carer.

He said: “I am a good team worker and can easily understand things from many perspectives and perform the role of a critical friend whenever needed.

“I have a passion to do the best possible for patients within today’s restrictive budgets and have great respect for the levels of care which NSFT still manages to deliver in a climate of austerity.”

Dr Gorrod, who has been a GP in Norfolk for more than 20 years, stood for election as a Service User Governor after himself suffering with mental ill health.

He said: “Last year I became severely ill with mental illness and spent four months in hospital. It had a profound effect on myself and my family… and has given me some insight and understanding into what matters when you are ill, kindness and compassion being paramount.

“The experience has given me some insight and understanding into what matters when you are ill.”

The Governors are responsible for representing the interests of local people, holding non-executives to account and acting as a key link between the Trust and the communities it serves.

The Governors are all unpaid volunteers with an interest in mental health who are elected from within the Trust’s membership and sit on a 29-strong Council of Governors.

Robert Nesbitt, Company Secretary, said: “Our Governors play a vital role at NSFT. They appoint our non-executive directors, including the Chair, and approve the appointment of the Chief Executive.

“Governors come from all walks of life and share an interest in mental wellbeing and a desire to see NSFT develop and thrive.”

Membership of NSFT is free. For more information, visit