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More support for mental health staff announced in time for 'Brew Monday'

​Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (NSFT) is investing in staff wellbeing by providing more support to staff who experience traumatic incidents at work.

The news comes in time for ‘Brew Monday’ (Monday, 15 January), organised by the Samaritans to run on the third Monday of the year, promoted as a day to talk things through and have a chat over a cup of tea or ‘brew’.

The Trauma Risk Incident Management (TRiM) programme supports people who have experienced a traumatic incident at work and is widely used in organisations such as the police, armed forces and in other healthcare settings. 

Those who are identified as being at risk after a traumatic event are invited to take part in an informal meeting which establishes how they are coping.

The process is repeated after a month and a comparison of the outcomes is made, allowing early identification for those who may be having problems, so that help can be offered early.

Dawn Collins, Interim Director of Nursing and Quality at NSFT, said: “Working within a mental health trust has its own unique pressures on the emotional wellbeing of staff.

“It is our job to safeguard the mental health of our staff, especially if they have been directly involved in or witnessed, incidents of physical or verbal violence and other potentially distressing events.”

The programme also helps to  reduce stigma surrounding mental health issues within frontline organisations through early intervention, building a resilient workforce and reducing staff sickness and absence.

Alison Thomas, NSFT’s Staff Health and Wellbeing Lead, said: “This programme will help staff who have experienced traumatic events as part of their work, to access a whole host of support provided by our organisation and other partner agencies.”

Alison also explained the role of the TRiM Practitioner, she said: “People can sometimes be reluctant to talk to strangers when they have experienced something upsetting at work.

“For this reason, the TRiM programme is delivered by NSFT staff who have been specially trained to identify, support and signpost their peers, if they are at risk of psychological injury as a result of an incident.”

Other support offered to staff includes access to a free and confidential 24/7 counselling service and guidance from NSFT’s Occupational Health.

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