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Mental health trust welcomes newly elected governors

Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust has welcomed new members to its board of governors.

In total, nine new governors were elected, four of whom were re-elected, after postal and e-voting in the governor elections closed on December 31.  The new governors will take up their role on 1 February, 2015.

Trust Secretary, Robert Nesbitt, said: "We are delighted to welcome the new governors who have a wide range of experience and skills to bring to the role and help shape the future of our mental health trust.

"We are continuing to build a strong future for the Trust with a good mix of new and existing governors who all have a passionate interest in mental health and a desire to see our Trust develop and thrive."

Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust's Board of Governors is made up of 32 seats across its six constituencies, with governors holding a three-year tenure.

It is one of the first NHS trusts in the country to use e-voting for its governor elections.

Robert Nesbitt added: "Governors are people from all walks of life and represent the diversity of our community. It takes time, skills and commitment to carry out this important role, from listening to the views of the public, arranging key events and conferences to making crucial decisions with regard to the appointment of the chair and holding the non-executive directors to account. They are 'critical friends' to the Trust and we welcome those who have just joined us along with those re-elected."

The new governors will now begin their induction to the role before attending as observers at the first full public Board of Governors meeting of the year on 8 January 2015, at Norwich's City Hall.

The list of governor seats filled: 


Public Governors: 
Elizabeth Witt 
Hilary Hanbury 

Service user Governor:
Siobhann Leviton


Public Governors: 
Guenever Pachent – re-elected
Jane Millar – re-elected
Susie Enoch – re-elected

Service user Governor: 
Paul Gaffney – re-elected

Staff Governors: 
Dr Nanayakkara De Silva 
Howard Tidman ​