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Japanese documentary to focus on dementia care in Norfolk

A renowned Japanese filmmaker will be coming to Norwich next week to make a documentary about dementia with the help of experts from Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust and the University of East Anglia.

Yuka Sekiguchi will be using her visit to produce the sequel to the acclaimed ‘Everyday Is Alzheimer’s’, which featured her mother and has been endorsed by Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

During her stay, Yuka will also observe and film the person-centred care staff at Hammerton Court provide and the activities of the Dementia Care Academy, led by Dr Hugo de Waal (recently seconded to London as the Clinical Director of the South London Health Improvement Network for Dementia).

She will also be interviewing UEA’s Dr Chris Fox (Senior Clinical Lecturer), Prof Kenneth Laidlaw, and Prof Fiona Poland, regarding recent insights and advances in dementia care from an academic viewpoint.

Yuka said: “In the three years I have been caring for my mum, I learned that her mental and psychological stability was crucial. During the early stage of her dementia, she was often depressed and confused but we managed to get through this tough period with a sense of humour, which I documented in 'Everyday Is Alzheimer’s'."

“Now my mum has advanced towards the second stage of dementia, I wanted to focus my next film on psychological, philosophical and person-centred approaches to dementia care. Having heard from Dr Fox that the facilities and staff at Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust and the Dementia Care Academy are among the best in the UK, I was delighted to be invited to film there and participate in their training workshops.”

Dr Fox, clinical senior lecturer in the UEA Norwich Medical School, said: “This is a fascinating project and we’re pleased to be able to help Yuka produce a sequel to her excellent first film, this time looking at dementia care in the UK.”

Dr de Waal added: “Yuka’s visit provides an excellent opportunity to establish international links between those involved in providing and improving dementia care in Japan and the UK, as well as enabling exchange of insights and fostering mutual learning.”


Notes to editors:

  • Filming will take place on Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust premises
    from Tuesday, September 3 to Friday, September 6. Yuka Sekiguchi , UEA academics and Trust dementia experts involved are available for interviews
    throughout the week. Media are welcome to film or photograph filming taking place. 
  • Norfolk Dementia Care Academy, based at Hammerton Court, in Norwich, is a comprehensive learning hub for dementia-related information for staff, service users and academics.
  • It offers workshops and short courses to help support and develop skills, knowledge and confidence. They are matched to the Norfolk & Suffolk Dementia Alliance Competence Framework: A Practical Guide to Fundamental Care for People with Dementia (2011).
  • A filmmaker for more than 20 years, Yuka Sekiguchi returned to Yokohama in Japan after 29 years in Australia to be with her mother who has dementia. She aims to complete her new film in time for World Alzheimer’s Day on September 21.