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Involving carers at times of crisis

​A meeting will be held in Lowestoft next week as part of a strategy to help further minimise the number of people who take their own lives.

It is being organised by the specialist mental health trust Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (NSFT) and is aimed at service users and loved ones who are involved in their care.

People attending will be asked for their ideas on how family members or friends can be more involved when the person they are supporting and caring for is experiencing a mental health crisis.

NSFT will roll out the lessons learned from the focus group throughout the two counties.

The meeting will take place at Sam’s Café at 132 Bevan Street East, Lowestoft NR32 2AQ, on Friday 15 February, 1.30pm to 3.30pm.

One of its organisers, Howard Tidman, NSFT’s Carers Lead for Great Yarmouth, said the Trust was determined to improve carer involvement in suicide prevention.

“We want to increase our understanding of the experiences of service users and carers at times of suicidal crisis and to find better ways to give help and support,” he said.

“Evidence is emerging nationally that there tends to be lower rates of suicide where trusts have an open culture about involving service users and carers.

“Another national finding is that when professionals are asked to reflect following a suicide on what they would do differently, they often state that they would have involved carers more.”

The meeting at Sam’s Café, where refreshments will be provided, is open to carers and to service users under the care of NSFT’s Great Yarmouth and Waveney community team or anyone who has experienced the Trust’s adult community or inpatient services within the past 6-12 months.

It is being held as part of NSFT’s Suicide Prevention Strategy, which runs from 2017 to 2022.

* Anyone wanting more information about the meeting or to book a place should contact either:

Catherine Phillips, NSFT’s Carers Lead for Waveney
Tel 07766 317972; email

Howard Tidman, NSFT’s Carers Lead for Great Yarmouth
Tel 07557 290169; email

Caption: Catherine Phillips, NSFT’s Carers Lead for Waveney

For press enquiries, email: