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Inpatient safety improved thanks to major £1.5m investment

​Safety at all of Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust’s (NSFT) inpatient units has been improved thanks to a major £1.5m project to remove potential ligature points.

The extensive initiative has seen any fixtures which were identified as being a high or medium risk, such as windows, door handles, pictures, lights and grab rails, either removed or upgraded to anti-ligature versions.

The project started last October with an extensive review of all of the Trust’s 37 inpatient wards. Work then began in the spring and was carefully planned so that it did not affect privacy or dignity while maintaining the same facilities for the benefit of service users.

A log of all the improvements which have been made will be regularly reviewed and updated as any new work takes place.

Mark Kittle, Head of Strategic Estates and Maintenance Services, led the project. He said: “Our ultimate aim has been to improve safety and reduce the risk to service users as much as we possibly can. At the same time, we have also brought all of the Trust’s estates, regardless of their age or design, up to the same standards.

“The project has seen us replace everything from windows and door furniture to pictures and light fittings. We’ve also installed sensor taps where possible, as well as anti-ligature hand rails and radiators.

“It represents a significant investment for the Trust and we hope it will have a positive impact on those using our services for years to come.”

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