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Help make a difference and become a non-executive director

One of Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust’s (NSFT) newest Board members has urged anyone who wants to make a difference to a “vital local service” to consider applying for the post of Non-Executive Director (NED).

Tim Newcomb became a NED last September after retiring from a 30 year career in policing. He was attracted to the position by a combination of personal and professional reasons, as well as the flexibility it offered in fitting around his responsibilities to his young family.

“I already had a professional interest in mental health from my time at Suffolk Constabulary, where I chaired a multi-agency group which encouraged organisations to work closely in partnership to improve services for vulnerable people,” said Tim, who lives in south Suffolk.

“It is also an area which holds personal interest, as my father suffers from dementia. I feel that gives me an added empathy and desire to influence a vital public service in the area where I live.

“The NED position is something really worthwhile to apply myself to and has made good use of my own skills while keeping the old grey matter ticking over. The part-time nature of the role also fits really well with my family life and means I can enjoy a good balance between work, spending time with my children and my other interests.”

Tim, a former Assistant Chief Constable, is enjoying the challenges which the role brings, as well as the opportunity to further develop his own skills.

He added: “It’s really nice meeting interesting people from diverse backgrounds. It is also a real pleasure to hear about some of the innovations our staff are developing and their hard work to make a difference to others facing difficult circumstances.

“I enjoy the role and find it rewarding. It has also helped me to develop new skills – rather than taking action, as I did in the police, my role is as a NED is one step further removed, and instead concentrates on offering advice, challenge, encouragement and support.

“The Board and everyone who works for the Trust faces ongoing challenges, such as balancing the books while providing high quality services. It is important that we attract the right people to help drive those improvements and I’d encourage anyone interested in contributing to get in touch and find out more.”

NSFT is searching for two people with senior management experience to join its Board as new Non-Executive Directors (NEDs).

The successful applicants will be responsible for helping to further improve quality at the Trust and ensuring the services provided across both counties are safe, sustainable and offer the best possible outcomes for patients.

The roles are suitable for people who have held senior management positions and are able to probe and constructively challenge others. As one of the NEDs will chair the Trust’s Audit and Risk Committee, they will also need financial qualifications.

The closing date for applications is 14 September. Both posts will require a commitment of at least four days each month and will receive remuneration of £11,000 a year for the NED role and £14,500 for the Audit Chair role.

Anyone who would like more information or wants to apply for either role should visit